4 Billion 650 Million Dollars Compensation to Johnson & Johnson!

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The lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson company for years with the allegation that talcum powder causes ovarian cancer in women have resulted.

In a lawsuit decided in 2016, the firm talcum powder It was decided to pay a compensation of 72 million dollars to a woman who claimed that she had ovarian cancer because of her.

The company has now been decided to pay a total of 22 billion 4 million dollars compensation to 650 women who claimed that they had ovarian cancer due to the use of talcum powder.


There are 9.000 lawsuits filed against the company alleging that the talcum powder produced by the Johnson & Johnson company causes ovarian cancer in women. The main basis of these lawsuits is that the talc mineral used in powder production contains asbestos.

Company officials said the decision was "disappointing" in case the compensation decision in the Missouri cases could set a precedent for other ongoing lawsuits.

Company officials also stated that the cause of cancer could not be talcum powder and said that they would appeal against the court's compensation decision.

The lawyers of the women, for whom a compensation decision was made, said that the powders produced by the defendant company ovarian cancer They said that they did not take any precautions in this regard, although they knew that it caused the formation of the disease, and that although it is known that all Johnson & Johnson talcum powders produced since 1970 are contaminated with asbestos, the company officials did not warn the consumers about the possible risks, and they did nothing to correct this situation.


A statement was also made by the cancer research foundation Ovacome, headquartered in England, on the subject. In this statement; in the genital area talcum powder It was stated that although there are claims and concerns that using the drug causes the formation of ovarian cancer in women, there is not yet clear information to confirm these suspicions and therefore the claims on this subject have not been proven yet.


According to the Asbestos Report prepared by the Turkish Chamber of Architects and Engineers; The use and trade of asbestos has been banned in Turkey since 2010.

Asbestos material was used extensively in our country by companies producing construction, automotive, shipbuilding, welding, insulation and fire prevention materials. For this reason, almost all of the demolished buildings within the framework of the urban transformation program put into practice. asbestos substance It is highly likely that it was used.

For this reason, it is also stated in the report that asbestos may occur during demolition in buildings that are destroyed without the necessary measurements, and that the employees and the residents of the neighborhood are at risk.

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