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Is coal renewable energy? The question is one of the most frequently asked questions when distinguishing energy types. Does coal, which is formed with the blessings of nature without the need for any external factor, have the chance to renew itself?

This subject is a frequently mentioned point among renewable and non-renewable energy sources in science lessons. How these energy sources are formed and what are the differences between them are often confusing. There are questions that are difficult to perceive, such as whether the energy source, which is non-renewable in nature, was created only once and until it is exhausted.

Differences Between Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Sources

In the distinction of renewable and non-renewable energy sources, it should be known first of all that all energy sources are renewable. However, certain times are needed for the formation of renewable resources. At this point, a distinction is made whether the resource is renewable or non-renewable from the length of time it needs to renew itself.

Is coal a renewable energy? It is possible to answer this question as no. Coal, oil and natural gas also have the ability to renew themselves in nature, but this period is very long. Coal is formed by the hardening of animal fossils underground over millions of years. Considering it, it would probably be unfair to solar, wind and geothermal energy resources to call an underground resource that needs such a long time to renew itself as renewable energy.

Because they need a very long time to renew themselves, it is necessary to wait for a very long time for new resources when the resources are depleted.

In addition, these non-renewable energy sources cause various damages to nature and the environment. Unfortunately, these energy sources, which take so long to renew themselves and are so harmful, unfortunately, have a very high usage rate in the world. Scientists give these energy sources a life span of only 50 years and report that they will run out afterward.

Instead of these resources, which will need several generations to renew themselves, their equivalents should be researched and renewable energy resources should be used. Thus, a cleaner investment will be made in the future and since the energy source will constantly renew itself, problems such as exhaustion and depletion will not be left alone.

renewable energy sources

What are the Energy Resources Used in Turkey?

It is seen that natural gas, hydroelectric and coal energy resources meet 80% of the energy need in Turkey. For this reason, Turkey, whose energy is based on both expensive and dirty sources and resources that will run out, should urgently change this policy.

The share Turkey allocates to renewable energy sources such as wind, geothermal, solar and biomass is quite small. These renewable energy sources, which both constantly renew themselves and open the doors of a much cleaner world in the long run, are the dream of almost every state. The geography of our country is also very suitable for this structure. At the initial stage, investments in these types of energy are avoided due to the required cost and short-term solutions are considered.

Petroleum, natural gas and coal energy resources should be replaced by the energy resources of the future. These include solar energy, hydrogen energy, garbage energy, wind energy, biomass energies. Thanks to these resources, nature will be cleaner and more livable. At the same time, external dependence of energy resources will be greatly reduced.

Starting from here Is coal renewable energy? We should not forget that we must say a big no to the question and give up coal for nature. Thus, in the long run, both people and nature and the economies of countries are largely kara will pass.

Although great progress has been observed in this regard in Turkey in recent years, it is hoped that investment in renewable energy will gain momentum for a more livable future.

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