Food and Energy Self-Sufficient, Zero Carbon, Smart Forest City to be Established in Mexico

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sustainable architecture Every day a new one is added to the studies and affiliates on it. In this context, smart cities designed together with forest cities draw attention as one of the newest trends in architecture.

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The smart forest city project that will lead this trend will be established in Cancun, Mexico. Milan-based architectural firm Stefano Boeri Architetti In Cancun, Mexico, he announced his innovative designs for a smart and sustainable urban planning based on nature.

Honduran-based textile and real estate giant Grupo Karim designed for Smart Forest City previously used as a sand quarry for hotels on an area of ​​557 hectares is planned to be established. With the smart forest city design that will be reforested With a population of 130 thousand people, more than 400 million plants in 7,5 different varieties a sustainable city that will live together and be self-sufficient in food and energy will be created.

sustainable city

In total, 2.3 trees fell per person in the Smart Forest City. planting 200.000 trees will be performed. The remaining vegetation will consist of shrubs, shrubs, green roofs and vertical gardens.

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Thanks to public parks, private gardens, green roofs and green facades, it is planned to ensure the most efficient balance between the amount of green areas and the building footprint.

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City, German company TranssolarWith 's support, it will be surrounded by a ring of solar panels that provide enough energy to meet residents' needs. In this way, all energy needs of the zero-carbon city will be met by using only solar energy, which is a renewable energy source.

smart forest city

The entire irrigation system of the city was designed to be connected to a special underwater offshore pipeline. After being filtered through the desalination tower at the entrance of the city, the water collected from the sea will be distributed to all residential areas and the fields surrounding the urban area via the canal system. The system also includes a series of water gardens specially designed to deal with flood-like natural disaster scenarios.

In addition to all these, the smart city will automatically collect 116 thousand tons of carbon dioxide from the air and have the capacity to stock 5 thousand 800 tons annually.

Smart Forest City – Cancun, which will be a test center for sustainable urbanism, will house an advanced research center, which will help international organizations, universities and companies sustainability and to conduct research on green infrastructure issues.

No official information has yet been shared about when the sustainable city, which is an example to the whole world, will be established.

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