Against Global Warming Now or Never

climate crisis
writer Merve Guney

climate crisis unfortunately it comes quickly with great destruction. And again, unfortunately, countries and people are not aware of what is going on because they do not put this issue on their agenda. The commitments made are not fulfilled and even more damage is done.

part of the world of the climate crisis Even if they are not aware of its dimensions, some of them have been living it for years and are aware that things are getting serious. In a recent news report, 'The South American country Chile has been struggling with drought for 13 years and they announced that they will start rationing water in the capital city of Santiago, according to the latest precautionary plan taken by the authorities. According to government data, water availability is projected to have dropped between 30 and 10 percent over the last 37 years and could fall by as much as 2060 percent in Northern and Central Chile by 50' (NTV. 2022).

In another news climate change and due to the natural disasters that occurred as a result of this, some countries had to change their capitals in the last fifty years. According to the content of the news, 'Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is faced with various disasters, especially floods, every year. Moreover, the north of the city is in danger of sinking. While it is estimated that approximately 25 percent of the city will go down to sea level or below by 2050, the reason for this is the underground waters used by the dense population and the rising sea waters' (Çetinkaya. 2022).

In our country and in other countries nearby from global warming Of course, the possible disaster scenarios that will take its share are presented by scientists. According to another news about the Mediterranean belt, which includes Turkey, the Mediterranean belt is one of the regions that will be most affected by global warming, and the Mediterranean is defined as a "hot spot".

There will be a hotter summer each year, which will cause drought and half the population to struggle with water shortages. 60 percent of fish species will become extinct due to the increasing temperature in the seas. According to Professor Doctor Barbaros Gönençgil, who commented on the latest reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which contain important warnings about climate change; “The report, which includes different scenarios, predicts an increase of approximately 120°C in global temperature over a 1,1-year period. Especially in Turkey and in the areas where Turkey is located, precipitation quantities are expected. In addition, there are significant changes in the intensity of precipitation. We expect more floods, floods, that is, problems related to precipitation, to come to the fore in certain regions. Turkey is located in East Mediterranean and the Mediterranean geographical region, there are comprehensive explanations in the report. Turkey and the Mediterranean belt we are in, climate change It is one of the regions in the world that will be most affected by the process. Just as there are different climatic zones in the current conditions in Turkey, the way they will be affected will also be different. While extreme events regarding precipitation are expected in the Black Sea and the south of Anatolia, it is expected that there will be less precipitation in certain regions of Central Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia, and a trend towards more aridity. Especially if the temperatures increase by 3,5, -4 degrees, it is estimated that there will be a decrease in precipitation of approximately 20-30 percent in the western and central regions of the Southern Aegean and Mediterranean, and approximately 10 percent in the northern Aegean, Central Anatolia, Marmara and Southeastern Anatolia. (Dear, 2022).

Intergovernmental Climate Change The third and final part of the 65th Evaluation Report, "Reduction", of 278 scientists from 6 countries in the panel (IPCC) was published in April. “The evidence is in the report. Within the framework of the main motto "Now is the time to act"Message given that it is possible to halve global carbon emissions by 2030. However, if greenhouse gas emissions remain in their current state, it was one of the prominent issues that the global temperature increase could exceed +1,5°C, even exceeding the target value of +2°C, which is the target value of the Paris Climate Agreement. Such a picture undoubtedly means that the pressures on people, ecosystems and natural life will increase exponentially''(NTV. 3).

While such serious consequences are waiting for us, the fact that human beings are still unaware of this and that states and institutions do not raise awareness is leading us to disaster at full speed. This meaningless war we wage against nature is consuming us inside and it is nothing but seeing a drop of water for new generations. While we still have the power to fix it, please let's raise our level of consciousness, if no one is doing anything, let's at least sweep in front of our door as individuals and support those around us to sweep it. Let's be in the same team with nature and save our future.

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Merve Guney

I am a graduate of Süleyman Demirel University, department of agricultural biotechnology and as of 2021, I am an agricultural engineer from the same field.

I am a nature lover with a true love of green. At the same time, I am a science enthusiast who is always surprised by the miracles of nature and biology.

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