Are We Heading Towards the Ice Age?

ice age
writer Merve Guney

in the last few years impact of climate change we feel more intensely. In the past years, we have felt the dry and warm winter months and the scorching heat in the summer months. This year, however, we are having a long and harsh winter.

However, a recent publication by NASA that we will enter the ice age in 2018 and Trakya University (TÜ) Science Faculty Biology Department Head Prof. Dr. The presentation of our teacher Yılmaz Çamlıtepe that we will enter the glacial period at a conference became the agenda.

In March, Prof. Dr. At a conference attended by Yılmaz Çamlıtepe, he said that Europe, including our country, has entered a mini ice age. Camlitepe; “With global warming, the melting of glaciers is increasing day by day and global warming ve climate change are two important factors that threaten biodiversity. Conditions resulting from anthropogenic activities, overuse of fossil fuels greenhouse effect created. Since the heated air cannot go up, the world feels like it is stuck in a greenhouse. One of the most important effects of this is the melting of glaciers. Scientists initially said that the effects of this would be felt 100-150 years later. However, this process has been reduced to 30-40 years. It is predicted that it will have very serious effects until 2080. There are ocean currents, as we know. The Gulf Stream comes from the Atlantic Ocean and warms Europe. Europe, the region where our country is located, has a temperate climate thanks to this current. But with the melting of the glaciers, this Gulf Stream will be cut off. The projection shows this. When it is cut, Europe will enter a glacial period as in the past. The factor that accelerates this is the damage caused by humans to nature and the environment. This projection seems to come true'' (Zobar, 2022 ).

As a result, we feel more and more every day that the balance in the world is deteriorating, whether it is an ice age or an increase in temperature. We should increase our awareness on this issue and we should not be late for some things. We must fight to protect our tomorrow so that the next generations can see the abundance and fertility that we see.

Source: Gökhan Zobar, (2022). Europe is in danger of an 'ice age'. Accessed March 26, 2022.

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