Cutlery Made from Recycled Materials: The Pebble

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A circular economy company focused on removing single-use plastic products from the market. pentatonic, famous singer Pharrell Williams and to launch a portable set of forks, spoons, knives and straws made from recycled materials.

Known mostly for his entertaining music, Williams has transformed his passion for finding alternatives to single-use plastic, which is on the rise due to the COVID-19 epidemic, into products beneficial to humanity with the OTHER brand.

the pebble

As a solution to the estimated 20-35% increase in disposable wastes due to the epidemic, Williams aims to eliminate the need for disposable forks, spoons, straws and knives with the personal cutlery set on the market with the Pebble by OTHERWARE brand.

meaning pebble The Pebble, which can be carried in a mobile phone sized mini box; a set of fork, knife and spoon, as well as chopsticks and straws.

zero waste products

Zero waste The Pebble set, also known as the coronavirus cutlery set, developed in accordance with the philosophy of the recycled CDs, recycled plastic wrap and stainless steel produced and, in this sense, the importance of recycling also emphasized.

recycled product

This sustainable product is also dishwasher safe and to the circular economy can be properly recycled at the end of its useful life.

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The product, which is offered in different color options, becomes a very useful and indispensable product as it can be hung on a bag or other accessories with its size and the hanger in the box.

Introducing itself as a design and material technology pioneer, Pentatonic also launched the iconic Starbucks Bean Chair, which it produced only from plastic waste in its work with Starbucks, in addition to many sustainable products.

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