Developed a Video Game About Surviving the Climate Crisis

the climate trail

Climate changeWe see the effects of the pandemic more severely every day and we are one step closer to the foreseen scenarios. The Climate Trail The video game, called 'Climate', offers a simulated preview of our chances of survival if we face the life-threatening climate crisis.

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Developed by William Volk, the game was created because the conditions around it were not conducive to living. It's about a group of climate refugees fleeing from Atlanta to Canada.

Climate changeVolk, who wanted to raise awareness about the climate crisis in the hope of ending the rejection of the law and eliminating inaction, went through a difficult process and used a new development system (Ren'Py) and programming language (Python) and in this way, Climate Trail, which combines visual graphic storytelling with simulation game elements. I put it on the market.

Climate Trail

For the game Volk developed; “I funded the project myself to get people interested in the climate issue. I have always believed that games can have social value and therefore I wanted to create a game that makes a difference in the light of science with an emotional impact.” said.

that marked the period from the 1970s to the 1990s. oregon trail The game, inspired by the game titled, stages an educational struggle for survival in which players face hunger, thirst, extreme weather and other disasters.

Global warming, greenhouse gas emissions and sea level rise It is hoped that the game, which contains scientific information about the game, will be introduced as an instructive tool to schools and that the value of unpredictable risky scenarios and efficient use of resources will be embraced.

In addition to the social and educational benefits of the play, such as addressing the climate crisis and providing education, it aims to adopt a non-violent attitude to the players, as it does not contain an armed scene. Volk stated that his biggest priority in the game is education and stated that he managed to stay away from the armed scenes and in his blog; “Sorry, no shooting in this game" said. Rather, catching the conscience of deniers and those who are unaware of the seriousness of the situation, and climate change He added that they have set up a game to raise awareness about the issue.

At game; There are difficulty levels such as 4°C temperature change, 5°C temperature change and 6°C temperature change. The game, which is free and even ad-free, can be played on Mac, PC Windows and Linux systems. There are also mobile versions for iPhone, iPad and Android Google Play.

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