Japan Tests Flying Electric Car

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The countdown has begun for flying cars, which are indispensable for science fiction movies. After the flying taxi promotions of companies such as Airbus and Boeing and Uber, Japan made a serious breakthrough for flying cars, which had promises, and tested the flying electric car prototype it developed.

Japanese electronics giant NEC, together with the startup company Cartivator, conducted flight trials of a drone-like car at the test site in Chiba province, east of Tokyo. In the test that takes place in the cage due to safety precautions The vehicle, which weighs 148 kilograms, rose 3 meters from the ground for a minute.

drone-like vehicle powered by electricity It has 4 propellers It is also expected to be autonomous.

NEC Deputy General Manager Norihiko Ishiguro, stating that such vehicles will be the means of transportation of the future; “We at NEC believe that flying cars will revolutionize transportation in the near future. When that time comes, we are working to provide the necessary technology and services.” he said.

flying car

The Japanese government also supports flying cars and has allocated a giant testing ground in the Fukushima region for companies investing in this area. Their goal is for people to travel in flying cars by 2030.

In an interview, Norihiko Ishiguro stated that their first goal is to use flying electric cars for transportation by 2023, and at the end of the 2020s, they want to use flying electric cars for travel for people.

Ishiguro also noted that the first step in road maps is to start transportation with electric vehicles flying in rural areas, and then to start using them in cities by 2030.

In his speech, Cartivator Chairman Tomohiro Fukuzawa said, “One of the most important aspects that we give priority to is safety. We make our plans so that people can travel safely. We are currently in the testing phase and since the distance we have covered is small. battery for energy we are using. However, of course, we plan to carry out different studies on energy sources in the future.”

For these currently powered flying cars generating electricity using renewable energy looks like it will happen soon.

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