Slovenia Pioneers in Recycling

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Slovenia took its place among the leading countries in recycling. Recent studies are very promising.

Slovenia Does Not Slow Down Recycling

RCERO is an important waste treatment center and is located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Moreover, it is one of the largest waste treatment plants in Europe.

The numbers are pretty good. For example, this facility processes 170 thousand tons of waste annually. At the same time, 98 percent of these wastes are converted into fertilizer or fuel. recycle Significant work is being done.

The project is also supported by the European Union Regional Policy. The biggest demand is for this project to inspire other countries as well.

A Student Guiding

The facility's guide is a student named Edita. Edita is an environmental friend who has been separating her garbage for ten years. Thanks to the facility, the habit of recycling waste has completely changed for the last two years. Edita made a statement on the subject: “People in the first place; why should we separate the garbage, it's not our job, they don't pay us for it, on the contrary, we pay for the service. But a year or two later they adopted this view and they are quite surprised when they see someone who doesn't sort their garbage now.” statement is made.

It is possible to save with garbage

In the past it was taught that resources were exhaustible and that this would bring the end of the world. However, today there is a recycling fact that cannot be ignored. While natural resources are rapidly depleting, it makes perfect sense for human beings to produce their own fuel from their garbage. Moreover, recycling of garbage provides a huge saving.

RCERO not only produces fuel, but also pays for free fertilizer production, which is enough for the green areas of the city. Considering that 80 to 100 cubic meters of fertilizer is used per year, especially in Tivoli Park, it can be understood more clearly how big the contribution is.

Moreover, half of the country's population, that is, eight hundred thousand people, also benefit from the waste center. This project, which sets an example for all countries of the world, stands out as a remarkable example in terms of both producing its own energy and providing savings. In short, Slovenia is a country that should be followed carefully and taken as an example in recycling.

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