Sustainable Architecture Projects to Produce Alternative Solutions to Global Environmental Problems

sustainable architecture
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To find solutions to global environmental problems sustainability and architecture There are also some studies on the concepts of In this context, many new concepts have entered the architectural vocabulary and many new applications have found their place in the field of architecture.

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In this sense, the applications developed for the efficiency of the energy used in the buildings and minimizing the energy losses have found a place in the architecture in this sense. It prevents energy losses that are frequently encountered in new buildings. smart House applications are actually some of the applications that came to life as a result of these policies.

The fact that the buildings built have environmentally friendly practices is also a very important criterion. sustainability in architecture is frequently encountered in the concept. In fact, it is possible to see the added value that the concept of sustainability has added to the architecture in applications related to the heating of buildings. The most important of these is the controlled heating of buildings according to climatic conditions.

green architecture

green architecture The concept we call energy saving and to create an environment-friendly structure is referred to as the general name of the activities in architecture, and it has been frequently encountered in this sector in recent years. Together with green architecture, the concept of ecological designs has become frequently used for this purpose in architecture in recent years. As we said at the beginning of our article, it would not be wrong to say that sustainability and architectural policies have brought many new concepts and practices to the field of architecture.

Featured Applications of the Last Twenty Years in Architecture

New policies developed in architecture and prominent sustainability and architecture The main and sole purpose of the concepts alternative solutions to global environmental problems It's about being able to produce. When we look at the last twenty years in architecture, it is seen that these concepts have come to the fore from time to time, and it would not be wrong to say that these concepts have been giving direction to architecture since the transition to modern architecture.

sustainable architecture

At the beginning of the important criteria in the new era architecture, some questions such as what can be done in the face of global environmental problems, how can this be reflected in architecture, and most importantly, how can it be sustained and improved.

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sustainable architecture It has found an important area of ​​development in modern architecture and has signed a number of applications that will make itself felt in architecture from time to time. Today, these concepts are more familiar to us and at least they are better at understanding what they mean. Although we have heard its name frequently in the last twenty years, it is possible to say that it has begun to show its effect more recently, since its reflections in architecture are of the nature that we can say is the beginning of a new era.

It is Possible to See Sustainable Architecture Practices in Turkey too

In recent years, we have gradually begun to come across this new understanding of building in architecture in our country. A decade ago, although we often heard about the applications and successful project studies abroad, we could not see these applications very often in our country, perhaps due to the cost. In recent years, in our country sustainability and architecture Within the scope of the criteria, it is possible to say that very good applications have started to be implemented in our buildings.

green architecture

Environmental factors and the characteristics of both our homes and workplaces, namely our buildings, directly affect our quality of life. Therefore, producing environmentally friendly buildings that are compatible with environmental conditions has become a necessity, not a luxury, in order to increase the quality of life of human beings.

However, our quality of life is affected not only by the building we live in but also by urban designs. Urban designs that are sensitive to the environment and climate are an extremely important detail for our lives.

sustainable building

Among those who think that architecture with so many rules will move away from visuality. in sustainable architecture It will also be useful to remind you that there are very stylish and eye-catching designs.

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