Sütaş Became the First Company to Obtain Zero Waste Certificate in Bursa

Sütaş zero waste certificate
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Continuing to work with the goal of a sustainable future Sutas, environment and urban ministry given by "Zero Waste Certificate"Ni It was the first company to buy in Bursa.

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of its establishment this year, Sütaş has completed the entire process from the grass that the cows are fed to the milk and dairy products that reach the tables. “From Farm to Table” It supervises and manages with an integrated business model.

Within this model, Sütaş considers natural assets such as soil, water and air as relics of nature; It continues all its activities with the principle of “giving back to nature what it takes from nature” and creates its energy and environmental policies with this understanding.

Focusing on continuous improvement by monitoring its environmental performance with management systems and working with the goal of Zero Waste, Sütaş became the first company in Bursa to receive the Zero Waste Certificate. The delegation headed by the Provincial Director of Environment and Urbanization V. Selçuk Yalçın awarded the Zero Waste Certificate. Sütaş in Bursa Karacabey He presented his facilities during his visit.



Sütaş works to reduce the negative effects on the environment by converting the fertilizers from its farms and organic wastes from the production of dairy products into energy in its biogas facilities.

Sütaş is the company that its factories need. It meets 84% ​​of its electricity with its own renewable energy.. Process outputs of biogas plants are considered as very valuable organic fertilizers with high organic matter content.

Sütaş thus, greenhouse gas reduction equivalent to approximately 7,5 million trees per year makes it happen.

Sütaş, which meticulously separates other wastes from its production facilities, attaches great importance to the recycling of these wastes into the economy.

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