The Bus That Helps Children Gain Healthy and Sustainable Eating Habits

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A green bus designed in New Jersey attracts a lot of attention for parents who want to introduce sustainable and healthy eating habits to their children.

On this bus, students both have fun and learn through activities and practices while getting information on various food education topics, from better eating habits to urban gardens.

Tessellate Studio designed by Mobile Food Lab, a 300-square-foot bus personalized with a built-in greenhouse, classroom science lab, and art display space.

mobile food lab

Reed Foundation working in collaboration with Tessellate Studiodesigned the bus to offer customized space for sustainable food education for the New Jersey area.

Within the Mobile Food Lab, students find sustainable vegetables, fruit and herbs, as well as a hydroponic garden to experiment with food. There is even an art studio inside the bus.

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The converted bus is divided into three zones to make room for educational activities that host 30 students at a time. The central area is the "social zone", made up of 4.000 feet of rope and skylights hanging from the ceiling to create a nest-like sanctuary. This area is designed to facilitate conversation and brainstorming.

sustainable food efficiency

The next area consists of a green hydroponic garden for cooking. In this space, students can learn about the ins and outs of their city garden while also making use of the adjacent food preparation area, which includes a stove, sink and cutting service.

Traveling along the bus, students explore a fun field of food science. This space comes with digital microscopes, LCD screen, herb and spice test tubes, and a “flavor” chart where students can learn about the science of taste.

At the end of the mobile lab is a small art space. In this section, children are given the opportunity to develop their hand skills with handicraft activities and practices.

sustainability education for children

The bus is also; It has been professionally designed to help children establish a healthy bond by nurturing their sensory areas such as smell, sight, touch and taste experience that will arouse their natural curiosity.

The Mobile Food Lab, which began operations in September 2018, is located in New Jersey to provide sustainable food education in a variety of areas, including schools, parks, and various public events.

The project won the second prize in the Social Impact category of the Core77 Design Awards with its success since the day it was founded.

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