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At Istanbul Bagcilar Municipality waste paper recycling project Within the scope of the scope, 8 thousand 7 tons of waste paper was recycled in the last 504 months. Thus, the life of 127 thousand 500 trees was saved thanks to the project.

For Both Nature and Economy

On the one hand, the project, which prevents the cutting of thousands of trees, also contributes to the country's economy. Making a statement on the subject, Bağcılar Municipality Mayor Lokman Çağrıcı emphasized the importance of waste collection not only for cleaning but also for the economy. The caller said, “Collecting waste is not just a cleaning, it is an acquisition.” saying; points out that the support they give to both nature and the economy as a municipality will continue to increase.

Of course, the Municipality does this together with the people of the district. The public's participation in the project waste paper Various campaigns are organized to encourage them to collect papers, and calls are made to collect papers. The awareness of the public is provided with the containers placed all over the district.

Target to Exceed 2017

Bağcılar municipality has been raising its target in its works that it has been continuing for two years. In 2017, the recycling of 11 thousand 222 tons of paper and cardboard waste was completed and 190 thousand 770 trees were prevented from being cut. The 2018 year-end goal is to prevent more than 200 thousand trees from being plucked from nature.


Recycling Process

While the project is coordinated by the teams affiliated to the Bağcılar Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Directorate, the people of the district are also very interested in the project. In project scope, recycle containers collect waste such as boxes, bags, paper and packaging from all over the district. It sees the necessary processes for the recycling of the wastes taken to the Packaging Waste Collection and Separation Facility in Mahmutbey District. 70 people working at the facility turn paper waste into bales with the help of a press machine. The process is completed by sending the bales to factories that make environmentally friendly production with recycled paper.

Recycle Bağcılar Municipality, which attaches importance to the processes of paper and cardboard waste,

  • Recycling of Packaging Waste
  • Recycling Waste Batteries
  • Recycling of Waste Vegetable Oils
  • Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Wastes
  • Recycling End-of-Life Tires

It also produces and organizes related projects.


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