The World's First Hydrogen-powered Train was Produced

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With the increase in environmental awareness, environmentally friendly innovations and inventions continue rapidly. It is very pleasing news that renewable energy sources are being used more frequently in machinery and projects. With the development of technology and science, no innovation is impossible anymore. An invention was made that would be loved by environmental friends. by the French brand Alstom first train powered by hydrogen produced. Using hydrogen as a fuel has been a project before. Hydrogen powered cars were vehicles, but hydrogen powered train produced for the first time. The hydrogen-powered train can carry 300 passengers for now.

Even though it came out of the French brand, the train started working in Germany for the first time. The speed of the train is 140 kilometers and if it is full, it can travel for 960 kilometers. The fuel cells of the train have a mechanism that produces electricity by mixing oxygen and hydrogen and stores the energy it produces. It produces its own fuel and energy and travels without harming the environment. The hydrogen-powered train, which is one of the number one vehicles of the future, will be produced more in the future. It will be used as a means of transportation of the future. It offers a more livable environment by not harming the environment and not using fossil fuels.

Train Numbers Will Increase!

Germany must have liked the hydrogen-powered train very much, but it wants to increase the number of hydrogen-powered trains. According to Germany's plan, it wants to increase the number of these trains up to 14. We expect other countries such as Germany, which thinks about its country and its future, to invest in such environmentally friendly transportation vehicles. The value of the hydrogen-powered train is spoken as 81 million euros. Another plus feature of the hydrogen-powered train is that it does not cause sound pollution like the trains we use all the time. The train has quite noise pollution and zero emissions. This train, which Germany started to use, was decided to be used in the Lower Saxony region of Germany. The first hydrogen-powered train in the 100-kilometer region will be available for use. Germany until 2021 hydrogen powered train will increase the number. Other countries, such as forward-looking Germany, are also expected to invest in a hydrogen-powered train as soon as possible.

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