Turkey Turns Its Face to Fish Products

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Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli made statements on education, agriculture and animal husbandry at the Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO) September assembly meeting. Minister Pakdemirli first evaluated the targets for 2035 in education. Underlining Turkey's claims regarding education in his speech, Pakdemirli said, “In 2035, a company that was never established today will be the largest company in the world. This company will be in the education sector. He will start a company that will be measured in trillions of dollars.” used the expressions.

One-Way Technology

Secondly, drawing attention to Turkey's breakthrough in the agricultural sector, Pakdemirli stated that Turkey will become a country that feeds the world. Pakdemirli underlined that there are difficulties that need to be overcome in order to reach this goal. Mentioning that we have a duty to increase agricultural production while population growth and urbanization are expected to increase, Pakdemirli said, “As of today, the world population is 7,5 billion.

In 2050 it will be 9,1 billion. Urbanization will increase by 55 percent as of today and by 2050. While migration from the village to the city is inevitable, on the other hand, there is 6 trillion food production in the world. On the one hand, migration is inevitable, on the other hand, we need to increase food production by 50 percent.” said. Pakdemirli emphasized that the only way to reach them is technological developments. He shared that 4.0 should be applied in agriculture as well as in Industry 4.0.

No Problem in Wheat

Stating that the Ministry protects both the producer and the consumer, Pakdemirli stated that measures have been taken in order not to crush the consumer against the increasing inflation.

Sharing the developments in wheat-related issues, the Minister stated that the prices started to decrease; He stated that there will be positive developments in wheat prices in the near future and a significant increase is expected in wheat.

Pakdemirli stated that there are structural problems in agriculture; However, he added that as the Ministry, they have taken the necessary steps to solve them. Reminding that he is a young agriculture minister, Pakdemirli asked for some time to solve these problems and said "Patience".

Our Meat Preference Should Change

Pakdemirli also clarified the questions about animal husbandry. Expressing that Turkey has no problem in protein production, Pakdemirli said that with the change of meat preference, the problem will disappear. In his speech, he said, “The sum of chicken, red meat and fish meat is much more than Turkey's needs. Turkey has exceeded 2023 billion dollars in the export of fish products, which is the target of 1. If we change these preferences a little bit, Turkey does not have a problem with meat, either.” said.

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