Two Chemicals That Provide Silky Consistency in Cosmetics Are Banned in Europe

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Cosmetics and personal care Two chemicals that give a smooth, silky and soft consistency, which are frequently used in products, will no longer be included in the products if the skin needs to be washed after use.

In the new development made by the European Chemicals Agency and expected to be followed from 2020, if the product needs to be rinsed from the skin, these two chemicals will no longer be included in the product content. The reason for this is due to some tests using both chemicals.

Beware of These Two Chemicals

The names of the chemicals are indicated as octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4) and decamethylcyclopentasoxane (D5). It may seem unfamiliar to users who carefully examine product labels before using and purchasing because these two chemicals are not normally included in the list prepared by the Environmental Working Group, which is determined to be harmful to human health. There is a claim that these two chemicals may cause endocrine disruption, but since there is no cleared risk yet, it is not seen as dangerous for human health.

Cosmetic and personal care They are used in the product because the chemicals used in their products have different colors, odors and properties. Although these two products do not have any color and odor, this expectation is met due to the siloxane in their content in terms of providing the silky feeling desired by the consumers. In addition to this feature, they are preferred in the product because they allow other chemicals in the product to dissolve and become smooth.

These Chemicals Are Harmful For The Environment

According to the researches, chemicals are not harmful to human health, but they are seen as a threat to the environment. It should not be included in rinsing skin products, especially since it is thought to pose a threat to sea creatures. For now, there is no harm in including it in sunscreens and underarm deodorants that are not rinsed and absorbed into the skin.

containing chemical product cosmetic and personal care In terms of human health, other chemicals in its products are normally prohibited to be tested on animals. However, some tests are carried out to investigate whether the product used is harmful to nature, rather than for human health purposes.

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