UK Bans Micro Plastic Production

micro plastic banned

One of the most dangerous culprits of marine pollution. The production of microplastics is banned by the UK.

It not only threatens the seas, marine life and oceans but also micro plastic that also mixes into tap waterseriously threatening human life.

micro plastic

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The decision, announced by the United Kingdom, has made it possible for manufacturers to limit their use of personal care products such as cosmetics, toothpaste and body washes. micro plastic will prevent them from addingone of the most compelling laws in the world” seen as.

micro plastic

This ban brought by the United Kingdom, billions every year micro plastic will stop the fragment from mixing with the oceans.

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The decision was made by the deputies in the environmental committee. Mandatory payment of at least 25pence for paper cups came after the discussion. The committee report on paper cups found that around 2,5 billion disposable paper cups are used annually in the UK and there is no adequate facilities. It is stated that it is thrown away without being recycled.

Income from cardboard cups, of the United Kingdom recycle improve infrastructure and change people's habits is planned to be used for

microplastics banned

UK's initiatives to prevent plastic pollution “leading apps” is referred to as. In this context, in the markets put into practice by the government, “5 pence plastic bag fee” While it was successful, it started to be applied in different countries. Same way In Turkey, as of 2019, all shopping bags will be chargeable. 

Microplastics United Kingdom, with the prohibition of its use on a global scale enforcing one of the world's toughest laws to tackle plastics is leading.

micro plastic animals

Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey stated that after the decision, new steps will be taken to combat other plastic wastes; “While there are so many natural alternatives, today's cosmetics manufacturers no longer have this harmful micro plastics I am glad that they cannot use it in their products.”

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