Water Savings are Provided with the Hydraloop Domestic Water Recovery System

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The water crisis is now a part of our lives. Although access to clean and potable water is a basic right to life, 785 million people in the world 9 in 1 people do not have access to water.

At least 2050 out of every 4 people by 1, will live in a country affected by chronic or recurrent freshwater scarcity.

Of course of the climate crisis With growing water crisis concerns as one of its biggest consequences, companies, to water-saving products started to invest more.

Dutch company Hydraloop ways to save water at home It offers a different solution for those who are looking for it. Hydraloop is a refrigerator-sized wastewater treatment system, and this system can be activated quite simply and can purify about 95 percent of shower water and about 50 percent of washing machine water.

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Hydraloop domestic water recovery system; It is designed to reuse approximately 85 percent of domestic water use (waste water used in toilets, washing machines, swimming pools, gardens).

The system works without filters, membranes or chemicals. The technology used in the treatment system combines five technologies to remove dirt, soap and other particles from the water: precipitation, flotation, dissolved air flotation, forced skimming, and an aerobic bioreactor. In addition to these five technologies, disinfection is performed using UV light as the 6th.

Hydraloop has a regular automatic self-cleaning feature without end-user intervention, so maintenance requirements are also very low.

The system, which uses only 20 Watts of electricity, consumes ± 200 KwH/year. In fact, with this system, which is only a modular example of the systems used in known wastewater treatment plants, of course, potable water is not obtained, but by reusing water in areas such as washing machine, toilet, garden irrigation. saving on water Provide.

By using Hydraloop in a family of 4, 80 thousand liters of water can be saved per year, thus saving both environmental and economic aspects.

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