What Are Non-Recyclable Materials?

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Non-recyclable materials have always been curious. While recycling programs differ according to the type of material, most programs follow a similar system. The materials to be recycled are taken and taken to a facility where the materials are separated. It is then sold to various companies by passing through machines where new products are created from these materials.

When people throw materials that are not suitable for recycling into recycling bins, this prevents the system from working efficiently. Non-recyclable products can contaminate recyclables, slow down the process or even damage machinery.

Damages of non-recyclable materials In order to reduce the amount of recycling, sorting facilities can directly count as garbage the pile of non-recyclable materials together with the recyclable products. Preventing recycling in this way; used plastic, glass and paper causes toxic gases to be released into the ecosystem.

To prolong the life of our world and avoid bad consequences materials that are not recyclable in nature must be known.

Paper Towel and Handkerchief

Paper towels and handkerchiefs are considered recyclables because they are made from paper. However, they are small items that are below standard sizes in order to be included in recycling facilities. In addition, since paper towels and handkerchiefs are frequently used materials in daily life, they are thrown away covered with oil and food residues. of recyclable materials causes pollution.

Plastic Bags

Although plastic bags are recyclable, they need a different system. Plastic bags, due to their stretching feature, cause damage to the machines in recycling facilities that will prevent them from working.

Recycling stations will not open the recycled materials you put in the bag. When you throw the recyclable products that you wrap in plastic bags into the recycling bin, you just throw them away.

Styrofoam Foam

Experts reported that it will take millions of years to recycle styrofoam foam in their latest research. Based on the research results, searching for alternative materials instead of using styrofoam foam is one of the ideal solutions for the unique nature of the world.

Various Glass Products

Not all glass goes through the same production process, and when you need glass, you'll come across many varieties. Glass used to make windows, glasses and mirrors is treated with chemicals that change its melting temperature. This type of glass can damage machinery in recycling plants. At the same time, broken glass is not accepted by recycling facilities as it will harm workers.

Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps require special attention due to the small amount of mercury in them. Before throwing fluorescent lamps into the recycling bin, it must be ensured that the mercury is depleted. Otherwise, mercury becomes dangerous for the ecosystem and recyclable products.

Most recycling facilities do not accept fluorescent lamps for recycling, as there is no study that ensures the reliability of fluorescent lamps.


Since toys contain many different materials together with plastic, it is not possible to separate and recycle the materials. Although toys cannot be recycled, they do not pose a great danger to nature and life because they can be used for generations or donated toys.

Disposable Paper Cups

Although disposable cups are made of paper, they are covered with paper wax, which is their raw material, considering that they do not pass heat. Since it is not possible to separate wax and paper in recycling facilities, non-recyclable materials between.

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  • I learned that everything I threw away for recycling is actually not recycled =(

    • Do not be sad. You throw away the next ones more consciously and they all transform successfully…
      Bulent DEMIRTAŞ
      Chemistry teacher

  • I understood the bag, but they wouldn't open the contents of the bag, they wouldn't accept broken glass, etc. These are not acceptable. So recycling facilities need to spruce up. There are examples of facilities that recycle very well in the world.

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