Where is the Greenhouse Effect Seen?

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Although the sun is the world's main source of heat and energy, the world is not heated by the rays coming directly from the sun. The rays from the sun fall on the earth's surface and are reflected back from this surface. These reflected rays warm the earth.

Gases such as water vapor, methane and carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere trap these rays from the sun and provide warming of the world. The rays from the sun are held by these gases.

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The greenhouse effect in a nutshell It is defined as the retention of the rays from the sun by the gases in the atmosphere.

How Does the Greenhouse Effect Occur?

Carbon dioxide gas and water spring have been present in the air since the existence of the earth. The two gases decrease and increase in a cycle and form a balance. All carbon-based substances are oxidized by oxygen and this carbon dioxide, which is emitted into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, is taken by plants by photosynthesis and bound to their structures as cellulose and carbohydrates. The carbon dioxide released in this way is again given to the nature.

Likewise, the water vapor that evaporates and spreads to the atmosphere in hot weather condenses in the clouds and falls back to the earth as rain. Thanks to these cycles, the proportions of gases in the atmosphere remained constant. However, this balance has been disrupted by factors such as population growth, wrong urbanization and industrialization.

How does the greenhouse effect occur? This balance is shown as an answer to the question.

As a result of the burning of fossil fuels for energy and as a result of industrialization, gas emission to the atmosphere has increased, while losing green areas and forests day by day has reduced the gases in the air to be cleaned from the air and reconnected.

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing day by day as a result of the inability to rebind the released carbon dioxide. The deterioration of the natural balance and the increase in the amount of gases in the atmosphere create a greenhouse effect.

Why Does the Greenhouse Effect Occur?

The greenhouse effect threatens the lives of many living things and the world. Humans are among the creatures that will suffer the most from this impact. Although people will be most affected by the results, the greenhouse effect is also caused by humans.

As a result of the destruction of nature, unconsciously established cities, harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere from the established factories, damage to forests and green areas, destruction of vegetation, the natural balance on the earth is deteriorated and the greenhouse effect occurs.

In addition, wrong agricultural practices greenhouse effect causes are among. People's farming in the wrong places harms the vegetation in those areas and causes a greenhouse effect. Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect.

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