The Barber You Must Meet With Its Contributions to the Environment and Society: Rasim Uyan

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People who love nature and the environment and who want to leave a greener planet for future generations are not far from us, encouraging, making them think and touching.

Rasim Uyan, who has been a barber for nearly 30 years in Derince district of Kocaeli province, takes part in various social responsibility projects from recycling to organ donation, and instills environmental and social responsibility awareness by including his customers in projects with his free services.

Trying to increase the social awareness of our people, Rasim Uyan organized many different campaigns for those who brought 5 kilos of batteries, 50 pieces of glass-plastic bottles, 500 pieces of blue caps, planted 10 trees, brought 11 waste razors, and so on, regardless of women, men and children. Provides free barbering service. 

Rasim Uyan's contributions are not limited to the environment.  Organs Not Soil? It supports numerous social issues such as organ donation project, blood donation, books, disability, health and cultural projects.

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In addition to all these contributions, Rasim Uyan It donates all of its proceeds to NGOs every Saturday and on some special days.

Rasim Uyan stated that he started social responsibility projects in his childhood and is the child of a poor family, and his love for nature started by bringing the seed of the fruit he ate as a child to the soil.

The high-volunteer barber, who started collecting papers during his apprenticeship and after work, and donated the income from the papers he collected to the children in the orphanage, opened his own business after he returned from the military in 1993, and the first social responsibility project he started here was to collect waste batteries.

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Enlarging the social projects it contributed to over time, Uyan started to provide better service to disabled citizens in its barber shop. “Barrier and Life” He took his course and transformed his shop into a “disabled-friendly” place.

Support and Awareness for Stray Animals

Rasim Uyan has produced many projects for street animals in order to adopt his animal lover aspect to the people around him. Working hard to make the shopkeepers stray animal-friendly, Uyan visits the shopkeepers in the vicinity and gives them food bowls and food and distributes stickers for them to stick on their windows.

In addition, when customers bring bowls and food, they shave them for free.

Wake up with 3-4 volunteer friends Social Ambassadors By establishing a group, he sent the blue caps to recycling companies and supported the children's stationery expenses with the income obtained.

Rasim Uyan's social and environmental projects are not limited to these. In addition to these, his project on tree planting is also quite impressive.

Tree Planting Project Encouraging Children to Read Books

Uyan gives free beard shaving to those who plant 10 trees and bring their receipts.

When the children come again, they get some information about the book and plant trees for the children who shave twice, through various associations. In this way, children both gain the habit of reading books and have a tree planted in their name, thus creating environmental awareness in children.

Water Saver's Shave Free

Uyan offers free beard shaving to those who bring a water bill of less than 20 TL. He states that his customers who shave their beards at home spend a lot of water, and he shaves with only a glass of water.

Customers Can Shave with Bitcoin

By following the technology, Uyan integrated this movement with environmental benefit. He has converted his tariff fees into bitcoin and is planting trees with bitcoin that comes with every shave.

"This social torch will last as long as my heart beatsRasim Uyan says that he never thought of leaving a house, car, money to his children, he only thought of leaving an environment where the seas are blue and nature is green, where they can breathe easily, and invites everyone to question their lives and what they can do once again, and to take a step for our present and future. .

Rasim Uyan, an exemplary human being who has made great social and environmental contributions to the planet on his own, without saying what a person can do, deserves more support.

About the Author

Pinar Ozurganci Eskin

Environmental Engineer, nature lover, founder.