Adidas Fights Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

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It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world. Adidas formed in the oceans plastic pollution It leads all the major brands of the world in fighting against In the project initiated by Adidas with the slogan "We turn the problem into a solution and the threat into a thread", the collections collected from the African continent plastic waste These yarns are converted into yarn and used in the production of sports products such as t-shirts, shorts, sports shoes and swimsuits.

Ultra Boost

Known as the Ultra Boost series and made with materials approximately 95% of which are made from plastic waste, it was quite surprising that one million pairs were sold in 2017 alone. The production of a pair of Ultra Boost shoes is a waste of 11 plastic bottles. recycling is obtained with

If You're Wearing Adidas, You're Wearing the Trash of the Ocean

Increasing environmental awareness in recent years has mobilized many big brands. Adidas brand is one of these brands. Plastic waste from the oceanWhen you wear an Adisas product, you are actually wearing ocean litter, thanks to the sports products made from the yarns produced by recycling. Adidas has been producing these products since 2016 in cooperation with Parley for the Oceans. While some fashionistas and sports fans are debating how to respond to this initiative, Adidas's initiative is sure to be a great initiative for the oceans and the many species that live here.

Thanks to this project carried out by adidas based on recycling, a large part of the 8 million tons of plastic waste thrown into the seas every year will be recycled. This project is adidas plastic pollution It's not the first decision he's made to fight the war.

The Adidas brand has made an attempt to abolish the use of plastic bags in its 2900 stores selling almost all over the world, has taken important measures both in production and consumption, and has informed that it will completely abolish the use of plastic bags in the near future.

Adidas has always offered quality to athletes with its advanced technology and latest fashion sports equipment. Leading many brands in environmental awareness, it aimed to take action on the destruction of nature and climate change. It primarily focused on plastic ocean wastes that cause great harm to the ecosystem and marine life.

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