Air Pollution and Deadly Smoke

air pollution

Air pollution; It is one of the most important factors that can have negative consequences on human health. The importance of the air quality we breathe is known to everyone.

Air consists of nitrogen, oxygen and argon gases. Disruption of solid, liquid and gas balance in the air and presence of substances that should not be in the air we breathe air pollution creates. Air pollution, which affects the ecological environment and other living life as well as human health, is of undeniable importance.

Causes of air pollution Although it is very diverse, industrialization and urbanization are the leading causes. The 'Great Smoke of London' event, which took place in 1952, is known as the biggest air pollution event. This event, which took place in London, is called a disaster because of the loss of nearly 12 thousand lives.

Among the most important factors that cause air pollution, the need for heating has arisen due to the cold weather, but the people have started to burn coal. Combustion of low quality coal and the flue gas smoke released through the chimney have increased the pollution in the air.

At the same time, London, which is developing in terms of industry, has caused air pollution due to the use of poor quality coal in power plants. The emergence of diesel vehicles with the development of technology also paved the way for this great disaster.

When all these factors took place, a great fog covered London and a significant decrease in visibility was observed. The great fog formed paralyzed life. London, known for its muffled air in the first place, did not take this fog very seriously and people welcomed it as normal. However, they accepted that it was a disaster when this situation brought life to the point where it stopped and people started to get sick because of the air they breathed.

The health problems that started with the complaints of chronic bronchitis of the people who applied to the hospitals resulted in death in many people. This sad picture was caused by major problems that seemed to be unproblematic but affecting the ecological balance and human health over time.

As a result, the things to be done to prevent air pollution can be listed as follows; clean quality fuels can be used for heating and even renewable energy its use should be expanded. In the same way, insulation materials can be used to prevent heating and cooling circulation in the environment. In order to prevent air pollution caused by vehicles, gas emission measurement should be done on time and of course, as we all know, the demand for public transportation should increase.

In order to prevent air pollution caused by the developing industry; The fuel required for energy production should be fuel that does not harm nature and human beings. to renewable energy must be passed. At the same time, necessary filtering processes should be done on industrial chimneys. We must avoid harming nature and the environment, prevent the trees, which are our source of oxygen, from being damaged, and do our best to increase the number of wooded areas.

Problems that humanity takes lightly can cause great events and losses in the future. When we take into account such factors and what to do and take shape, we will not disregard both the health of people and the health of nature. The greatest legacy we will leave to our future is nature.

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