Scope and Objectives of the European Green Deal

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Concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere compared to pre-industrial revolution increased by 123 times In 2019, greenhouse gas concentration peaked.

Calculated since 1970 and recalculated for 2021 We celebrated the World Overshoot Day on 29 July..

In 2021, we have exhausted our resources as if there were 1 Earths in 2021, by filling up the resources that the Earth gave us for 1,2 year before one year, and in 2021 we reached the highest value of the 'Limit Exceeded' calculated since 1970 (Ecer et al.).

climate crisis It has been an important part of the world agenda since the 19th century. climate crisis It was first brought to the agenda by the United Nations in an international meeting in June 1972. Behind this beginning 'Our Shared Future' With the publication of the report, the concepts of sustainable development were put forward for the first time in 1987.

With the Biodiversity Convention in 1992, issues related to the balanced and sustainable conduct of environment and development issues were determined. in 1997 in climate change Kyoto United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was signed to reduce the impact of carbon emissions. Lastly, in 2015, which covers all the issues listed, “Agenda 2030: UN Sustainable Development Goals" the ayes have it.

Scope and Objectives of the European Green Deal

Within the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals, targets have been drawn to make the European continent climate neutral until 2050, so that environmental issues can progress with sustainable and clear steps. If these goals are Green Deal (Europen Green Deal) given in (Selim).

Within the framework of the European Green Deal, member states aim to achieve a net neutral climate (ie, zero carbon emissions) by 2050, and within this framework, it aims to be the first continent to do so. In this direction, it is aimed to reduce carbon emissions by 2030% in 1990 compared to 55. It encompasses the subsequent economic growth that has become independent of resource use, leaving no one and no region behind.

Policies planned in this direction (Mirici and Berberoglu):

  • clean energy production,
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly production facilities,
  • Transition to a clean and green sector in construction and renovation,
  • Sustainable food policies from farm to fork,
  • Elimination of existing pollution,
  • Sustainable and clean transportation vehicles,
  • Ensuring and maintaining biodiversity.

European green Consensus Action Plan

'Green Consensus' There are 9 targets and 32 action plans under 81 main headings. At this point, Turkey has determined its own action plan under the following main headings (TR Ministry of Commerce).

  • Carbon regulations at the border
  • A green and circular economy
  • green financing
  • Clean, economical and secure energy supply
  • sustainable agriculture
  • Sustainable smart transportation
  • Combating climate change
  • Diplomacy
  • European Green Deal information and awareness activities


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