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The increasing population of the country and the world, buildings rising at every point, new structures, some problems brought by industrialization and the understanding of fast consumption have pushed people from all walks of life, especially the administrations, to produce studies and projects. In our country, which started for these reasons and put into practice, zero waste In the project, biowaste, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, combustible materials, household hazardous wastes and other wastes are separated and some of them are stored and disposed of. Regain planned to be put into use. Zero waste what To answer the question, we can say that it is a method of re-evaluation of wastes to a large extent.

1 Ton of Waste 17 Trees

Zero waste what is the project The answer to the question "A national level study providing social benefits such as saving 1 trees from being cut down by recovering 17 ton of waste, saving around 95% energy thanks to metal and plastic recycling, recycling waste glass, plastics and metals into products, and using organic wastes as soil conditioners." It is possible to give. The sequence of operations, on the other hand, is evaluated as prevention, cyclical resource use, sustainable product preference, reuse, recycling and finally energy disposal. The first implementation examples were initiated in various government institutions and are continuing. In Diyarbakir, one of the provinces where the project was implemented, 1 trees were saved from being cut in a month.

How Does the Process Work in the Zero Waste Project?

Zero waste project action plan Within the framework of the first contact point and team determination, the current situation is revealed, after the examination, planning is made and the needs are determined, training and awareness-raising studies are started with the materials provided. The main element of the project starts after these preliminary studies.

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During the implementation process, many institutions and organizations are working to contribute to the project, and the reporting, monitoring, precaution and revision process is started, which will reveal the results of the final implementations.


Zero waste In the project, it is of great importance that the collection equipment is placed in places that employees can easily access during the application and that information posters are hung in places where they can be seen. In addition, the collected wastes are kept in temporary storage areas and those that can be used are transported to licensed recycling facilities, and those that cannot be used are transported to licensed disposal facilities.

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