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best washable diapers
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Washable diapers are back. Washable diapers, which were thought of as an old-fashioned method, are now the eco-friendly and baby-skin-friendly option that many families prefer for their babies.

Washable diapers are reusable and eco-friendly, and they can be budget-friendly, especially when used for multiple children. Because of these factors, many parents prefer to use washable diapers instead of disposable diapers. Choosing from the best washable diapers will suit your lifestyle and budget.

When we look at it from an environmental point of view; A baby who changes diapers on average eight times a day we send over 3.000 diapers to landfills as waste until his first birthday. Even when you look at the amount of cloth that goes to the trash every day at home, you can observe your impact on the environment.

Although the use of washable diapers may seem difficult and troublesome for many parents at the first stage, the processes of washing them in the machine and drying them in the dryer make things much easier.

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There are numerous types of washable diapers on the market, ranging in cost from flat, fold and pocket or all-in-ones. You'll likely be using multiple types for your baby rather than just one style, and you'll want to make sure the material is durable and easy to clean. Once you are familiar with and well stocked with all the essentials for a washable diaper, it will be easy to use them or switch between disposable diapers for outings, nursery or on the go. With these features in mind, we researched popular options from top brands.

Use this guide to find the best cloth diapers for your needs.

Best Washable Diapers

1. BabyNeo Washable Diaper

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BabyNeo washable diapers, which have many awards such as 2019 Eurasia Quality Award, 2018 Eurasia Consumer Protection Association Recommended Brand of the Year, 2016 Green Star Award "Innovative Natural Life Product" Award, have one size suitable for all babies between 3-17 kg. The cloth, which does not contain nano technology and consists of 100% fabric, does not contain nano technology, does not cause diaper rash, helps toilet training, does not cause allergies, does not stain, is easy to wash and dries. It also helps you save up to 70% on your first baby and you don't have to spend any diapers for the second baby.

Thanks to the double-sided absorbent pad of the washable diaper, which you can use from the first day of your baby until you get rid of the diaper, which grows with your baby, you can give your baby more dryness with its “fleece” face (using the white side on top), or the comfort and naturalness of the Bamboo-Cotton Mix (the side with the velvet face label) using above).

How to Use BabyNeo Washable Diaper?

In order for your diaper to have the best absorbency, wash it 3 times before using it!

First of all, adjust the diaper to fit your baby's size with the vertical snaps on the front.
You can place your absorbent pad inside the pocket on the butt part of the main body, or directly inside the body if you want.
When you put it in the pocket, make sure that it is not gathered inside, but spread out flat.
When placing it on the body, you can offer your baby the comfort of 100% naturalness by placing the "fleece" side of your double-sided pad up when desired, for more dryness (using the white side on top), and by using the bamboo-cotton blended side (labeled, velvet side) up when desired.
Then, as with other disposable diapers, place the diaper under your baby, pull the front part of the diaper slightly forward and stretch it to bring it to your baby's navel, and close the snaps on the ears on the diaper.
After putting the cloth on, check and correct if there are any inward or outward facing places around the waist and legs with the help of your finger.
The cloth should neither be too tight nor too loose.
If the inner fabric is turned outward or you tie the diaper loosely with the thought that it may disturb your baby, it may cause leaks.

How to Wash and Care for BabyNeo Washable Diaper?

Dirty washable diapers can generally be kept in a fabric bag.
If you are going to keep your cloths for longer than 1 day, soak them in cold water for 2-3 hours before washing.

You can wash your baby diaper with the pad in the washing machine or by hand, in accordance with the washing instructions.
Do not use bleach.
When soap-derived washing agents are used, they adhere to the fabric and melt more difficult, and if they are not rinsed well, they may combine with the baby's urine and cause redness in babies with allergic structures.
Rinse well when using these types of washing agents and other substances such as baking soda and vinegar.
Also, do not use fabric softener or boron added washing agent and soap containing calcium stearate (especially soap powder), because it prevents the absorbency of the cloth by penetrating the fabric fiber or sticking to the yarn.
Do not iron (only the bamboo side of the absorbent pad can be ironed at very low temperature).
Definitely do not boil it.
Hot water of 60 °C at most and washing agent is sufficient for cleaning and hygiene of cloths.

????User Comment:

  • Very nice, no leaks, useful. very easy to wash and dry, I am very satisfied…
  • The product is very high quality, very very beautiful.

2. Easy Home Washable Baby Diapers

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2-layer design, breathable bamboo fiber inner layer, waterproof PUL fabric outer layer, soft bamboo fiber washable diaper, thanks to its strong absorption, it always keeps the baby dry. Provides pocket to attach diaper pad, approx. With adjustable size, there are multiple buckles to let you choose the best size for your baby. Elastic makes baby feel comfortable, prevent leakage. The washable cloth diaper is resuable, eco-friendly and practical.

????User Comment:

  • Very beautiful and high quality. Exactly the same as what you see in the photo.
  • It is very practical and dries fast. Those who use washable diapers should definitely try this quality and truly original product.



3. Happy Cloud Elinfant Washable Diaper

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Mutlu Bulut Elinfant washable diapers are one size and suitable for babies of 5-15 kg. Thanks to the snap fasteners, it can be adjusted in 3 stages from body and height. Leg and waist sections are double protected against leaks.

This washable diaper, which saves you time with its quick drying feature, can be washed in your machine at 40 degrees at 800 degrees.

????User Comment:

  • When my son is 5 kilos and 6 weeks old, it does not leak, but it becomes swollen. It fits better when it grows up, but it is a quality product, and the model is nice.
  • The product is very good, the outside is liquid, the inside is absorbent and fast shipping thank you

4. Şenkardeş Mother & Baby & Child 2-Pack Washable Diaper

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Şenkardeş washable diapers, which have a one-size-fits-all sealed body with 2 pockets and 2 double-sided absorbent pads, get full marks from users in terms of quality and tightness. In addition, it stands out as a product that stands out with its affordable price among washable diapers.

????User Comment:

  • I liked the diapers very much, I also received very nice inner diapers for the price. Anyone can get it with peace of mind. Only the inner cloths are a little thin, it is quite normal, the price is very affordable.
  • A washable diaper of the same mold and quality as BabyNeo. It's really gorgeous, besides, you can't get underwear for this price. Although the prices do not increase, I think I should buy a few packages and prepare gifts.

Frequently asked Questions

Why Choose Washable Diapers?

You need diapers, but which one you choose – fabric, disposable, or a combination of both – is a personal choice.

Advantages of washable diapers
  • They are reusable and environmentally friendly.
  • The cost savings can be increased, especially if you use it on more than one child.
  • They do not contain chemicals that can irritate babies' sensitive skin.
  • Using washable diapers doesn't have to be all or nothing. Many families switch to disposables when grandparents take care of the baby or for nightwear or outings.

How Many Washable Diapers Do You Need?

Newborns soil an average of 8 to 10 diapers a day. For this reason, and because babies can quickly outgrow newborn diapers, many parents use disposable diapers for the first month or two. But if you're willing to invest in newborn fabric sizes, have at least 20 on hand (trust us, it's not too many!).

How often you plan to do laundry will affect the amount of washable diapers you will need after the newborn period. Most families like to have a total of 24 washable diapers, but if you're willing and able to wash them every day, you can get away with as many as 14 washable diapers.

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