Bicycle Trail from Plastic Cups and Bottle Caps in Amsterdam

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Plastic waste evaluation and recycling projects are increasing over time, and new projects are being added to the existing projects. Plastic bottle recycling from caps projects are always on the agenda. Today, the idea of ​​separating the plastic and paper ones and throwing them separately for recycling has become widespread and adopted day by day. These separated plastic trashes are generally converted into everyday items and resold. However, some plastic collector companies burn the plastics they collect for energy. Burning plastic waste releases more carbon into the atmosphere than coal. Collected plastic waste mixes with the air in this way, negatively affecting people's health.


The First Smart Bike Path

The plastic waste evaluation project, which has been implemented recently, is very promising. In the project, it was turned into a bicycle path by using plastic waste. The idea to use plastic waste instead of asphalt came from the PlasticRoads project in Amsterdam. 218 thousand plastic cups and 500 thousand plastic bottles recycling from caps has taken place. A 30-meter bicycle track was obtained from the use of these plastic wastes.

In addition, sensors that detect the number of bicycles passing over the bicycle track and the temperature of the day have also been added. This project, which appealed to both environmental friends and technology lovers, has shed light on many future projects. For this reason, PlasticRoad made history as the world's first smart bike path. Thanks to the project, plastic and bottle recycling from caps It has been proven that even roads can be made from wastes.

It is a very useful and functional idea that both fossil fuels are used less and recycling projects can be used in every part of our lives. Efforts are being made to expand this project, which looks perfect in every respect, to many cities. Stability studies continue on PlasticRoad.

The idea of ​​building roads from waste plastic instead of asphalt sounds great, although how many trucks it can carry and how long the cars can withstand the temperatures are still in the testing phase. If it is further developed against heat and weight, we can say that a new recycling revolution begins. In addition, the construction of this road is 3 times longer lasting and 70% faster production compared to asphalt roads. It will be great if this project can be implemented in every country.


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