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Climate Save Movement presented the Plant Based Treaty (PBT) in August 2021 as an addition to the Paris Agreement.

Plant Based Agreementwas designed to put food systems at the forefront of tackling the climate crisis. The Plant-Based Treaty, which was prepared by taking the Fossil Fuel Treaty as an example, aimed to stop the degradation of ecosystems damaged by livestock and encourage the transition to a healthier and more sustainable plant-based diet.

We are experiencing a climate catastrophe, and according to leading scientists, we have a number of years ahead of us. Otherwise, we will face great destruction.

What is a plant-based deal?

Scientists, individuals, groups, businesses and cities are called to support this urgent call to action and to pressure national governments to negotiate the Plant-Based Agreement internationally.

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We have a good opportunity for this initiative to be taken into account by world leaders: the COP27 Climate Summit in Egypt. It is urgently important that you invite individuals, groups, companies around you to support the petition in order to motivate participants to approve and negotiate the PBT. If the campaign succeeds, it will be impossible for decision makers attending the summit to continue to ignore the devastating impact of animal husbandry.

We believe this initiative is aligned with your values ​​and would like to invite you to become a supporter of the Plant Based Agreement: You can add your signature by going to this link.

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