Bottle Project by High School Students Dissolving Seeds in Nature

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Global warming ve environmental pollution sensitive to issues such as "what can I do?" High school youth, who set out with the question, developed a beverage bottle that dissolves in nature and turns green.

Many startups in many countries are now bringing their concerns about environmental and nature pollution to the world with new products or initiatives. This new initiative coming from Turkey, especially our young people, is very proud.

7 students studying at Suphi Koyuncuoğlu Anatolian High School in Izmir, “Greening Bottle” Ranked first among 250 companies in the 'YoungBizz High School Entrepreneurship Program', which they participated in with their project. He won the right to represent Turkey in Europe. While students attract the attention of many companies and countries thanks to their projects, they are waiting for support before the competition in Europe.


The body of the product, which started out with the Lorax brand, consists of 70% paper, and its cover is made of sugar cane, unlike the usual plastic. With these features Lorax 100% convertible and has the property of dissolving within 3 months after contact with the soil.

Thanks to the seeds in the package, the soluble product releases plant seeds to nature.

All products used in packaging are environmentally friendly and do not harm the environment.

When plastic bottles are exposed to heat, the bottom usually becomes mossy. In this case, the algae that occurs can mix with the beverage in the bottle and harm human health, especially in summer.

Thanks to its special packaging structure, Lorax not only can keep the beverage intact for a longer period of time, but also eliminates the harms of its competitors to human health.

The biggest source of inspiration that gave ideas to the students' "Greening Bottle" project Dr. 2012 animated film The Lorax, based on a children's book by Seuss dead. This movie takes place in a city where plastics have taken over nature. A city full of people convinced that there is nothing good out there, and that the soil and trees are filthy and rotten beings...

With this movie, the students, who saw once again how much damage plastic actually causes to our lives and the environment we live in, took the first step in their projects with the inspiration they got from this movie.

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High school students: Göktuğ Erçek, Sığnem Uçar, Alperen Enes Bulut, Beste Güllü, Adasu Güllü, Rümeysa Gökdemir and Samet Ateş, although they first started to develop projects in 2019, entered a stagnant period due to pandemic conditions, then in 2021 they both developed projects and collaborated with related companies. They achieved the success they aimed with the meetings they held and the support they received.

The Yeşeren Şişe project came in second in the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's young entrepreneurship competition, with an award of 15 thousand TL. He took second place in the Socar competition. Received an invitation from TÜBİTAK Big Bang Van. The Lorax company, founded by young people, was selected as the Company of the Year in Junior Achievement Turkey. Young Success Education Foundation gave the best business management award. He was also awarded the best entrepreneurship award by Ege University at the Entrepreneurship Week. 

We congratulate our youth, wish them continued success and hope to inspire more young people.

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