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The owners of Square Roots company in the US state of Brooklyn developed a new move. In order to transfer completely organic agriculture to city life, they created a completely extraordinary farm area with a project they carried out jointly with agricultural engineers who have technical analyzes on sustainable agriculture. Their aim is to obtain genetically intact organic agricultural products and to benefit from the sun's rays in the most natural way.

Located in the Brooklyn area right next to New York City, this urban farm plan has been implemented by Elon Musk, who is also the chairman of Tesla, the head of the electric motor company, and his brothers Kimbal Musk.

Cargo Containers City Farms Built

In this entrepreneurship program, which was developed based on the urban agriculture project, freight containers have been transformed into a city farm with fully 3D design and drawings. In this area, which is illuminated with LED purple light, city farms have been established for the purpose of soilless agriculture. For this, a total of eight acres of land in a park area in Brooklyn has been converted into a 30 m² vertical container farm.

The owner of this 3D design was made by Thomas Kosbau, the expert designer of Ore Design. In this way, it is aimed to transform freight containers into urban farms with soilless agriculture based on completely extraordinary innovations.

Target 2020 City Farms by 100

Square Roots company city ​​farms  For the project, one of its goals is to establish city farms consisting of 100 freight containers in ten different states of America. Thus, their aim is to expand organic agriculture throughout the USA by 2020. Thus, in every sense, until 2020, it is expected that these urban farms will completely reshape the sustainable agriculture and modern farming method based on the qualities that stand out.

In this process, which is based on the natural fertilization environment, where completely native soils are used without the use of soil, LED lights are Of course, there is a very special reason why it is purple. It was determined that purple color, which is a mixture of blue and red colors, is the most ideal color for the maturation of agricultural products.

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