Climate Change and Its Effects

effects of climate change
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How Does the Climate Change?

The geographical features of the world have changed many times even before man. Changes in the climate have occurred in different periods due to different reasons. The change of nature by itself takes place very slowly and in such a way that living things can adapt to it. In other words, in the absence of a natural disaster, there will be no deterioration.

The reason for the deterioration of the natural balance is; are human factors. The change with human factors means the destruction of the natural balance. As of the 19th century, we can say that apart from the natural change, human effects caused this change. All climate scientists agree that there is a rapid and negative change in the world.

Climate change and its effectsare handled by experts. The causes and consequences of this situation are discussed, and the extent to which it can be prevented is discussed. If people continue to deteriorate this natural balance; This climate changes The result is thought to be quite devastating. The fact that nature has been destroyed does not mean that this situation cannot be prevented. If this negative effect continues; accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and increase in particles, depletion of the ozone layer There will be an increase in temperature and the climate will change due to reasons such as

effects of climate change

What Will Happen as a result of Climate Change

Experienced climate change With this, agricultural activities, natural life of animals and plants will be destroyed. Increasing warming will create a significant change in water resources. There will be water losses in certain regions, there will be an increase in water in certain regions, and there will be visible changes in the lithosphere in an unbalanced way. The basic common point of all climate changes is; caused by the increase in the emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere due to the climate changes experienced with the passage of time. there will be global warming It shaped.

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The greenhouse effect, which is a result of global warming, is also an important cause of climate change It will be. Greenhouse effect It is called the retention of the sun's rays reflected from the earth by the gases in the atmosphere, especially carbon dioxide, water vapor and methane. The sun's rays absorbed by the atmosphere cause the earth to warm up in this way.

Climate change and its effects From this perspective, we can say that the greenhouse effect is a very important factor. As a result of this Retention of rays by 51% will result from the warming of the earth. In this way, the natural climate will be deteriorated. This heat sent to the atmosphere will also damage the layers of the atmosphere. For this reason, with the damage of the atmosphere, the reflection of the sun's rays on the earth will also become harmful.

climate change effects

How Will We Be Affected by Climate Change?

Experts state that this climate change will affect all living things very badly. It can even be seen as the end of nature if carried to higher dimensions. Because the reflection of the changes in the whole universe in the form of two opposites will have bad results. Having both cooling and warming; it will cause the world to be divided into two parts and there will be abnormal changes on both sides. In this case, we can say that the biodiversity in the biosphere will decrease greatly. Climate change and its effects under the name; We can talk about issues such as the decrease of living species, the limitation of their vital activities in every sense. In addition, the drought that will occur with the warming will cause the plants to disappear at the same speed. The cooling experienced in different geographical regions will also go into extinction because the plants cannot survive in the cold area. The price of climate change will be paid very heavily, as the reduction of oxygen in this way means the destruction of people's most basic needs.

Climate experts have a scenario of the effects of global warming, which shows what we will experience with every 1 degree increase in temperature. from here .

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