The Circular Economy Can Bring Natural Life With It

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Human beings harm nature for their own welfare and happiness. As long as this continues, new breakthroughs are needed for the future. There are those who argue that the process of harming nature will never end and that it will increase, but that it can be dealt with by reducing consumption and population, and there are those who argue that we have another option besides those who draw a bad scenario. to this option circular economy (circular economy) they name it. The circular economy comes across as the opposite of the linear economy and means producing everything from scratch. It aims to reduce the consumption of natural resources for our future and to recycle wastes to the economy.

This project, which does not yet exist but needs to be planned and developed, is expected to be implemented within the next ten years, separating waste generation and recycling from economic growth and development.

Our Goal Should Be Recycling, Not Consuming

Is it possible to say that this project is in no way active? Of course no. Because today, energy, plastic, waste and water recycling are carried out in many cities. These steps that encourage us to do better, circular economy It gives us an idea of ​​how the system emerged and how it will grow.

Many cities attach great importance to recycling activities and create new areas of use for wastes generated as a result of consumption. In addition, it takes measures for air and environmental pollution caused by energy consumption or carbon emissions, thereby reducing their impact as much as possible.

However, there are still many steps to be taken for the full implementation of circular economy activities. On the one hand, inelastic laws of physics, on the other hand, flexible factors such as consumption preferences, business and design practices, and innovation preferences prevent it from reaching the desired place in recycling.

As the world population increases, urbanization will increase and this will bring with it more energy consumption. However, this may not always be the case. According to a study, there has been no increase in electricity use in the United States in the last 10 years, despite the increasing population. Likewise, this energy need has been met with renewable resources without creating any pollution on the environment.

It's Possible to Recycle Anything

When we think about what we can bring back to nature without being programmed to consume only, we see that it is possible to recycle everything around us. If we start using the developing technology and innovation studies in this field, it will be possible for us to begin to see the effects of these studies in the near future. This, of course, cannot come about as a result of the efforts of a single person or group of people. Governments, businesses, nonprofits circular economy There is a need for joint studies to be signed to promote innovations and innovations.

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