Non-Electric Walking Tables Offer a Healthy Alternative to Working Life

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In the past, people were on the move most of the day and used their feet to travel or lift heavy loads. Now we have evolved to sit for most of the day, including our work life, traveling by high-speed trains and planes.

The average person sits for more than 11 hours a day. Our bodies were designed for movement, a function that provides increased mental performance and long-term health benefits – but today's offices largely ignore this basic human need.

Germany-based Walkolution, one of Europe's most successful start-up companies, now offers people a healthier alternative to sitting down. The patented and science-based product is the world's first noiseless and motorless walking table with an integrated ergonomic table and backrest so that the user can work and walk at the same time. Human-centered design meets eco-friendly and sustainable production.

In addition to choosing ecological materials, the company plants a tree for every 10.000 steps a user walks on the treadmill.

In 2017, Dr. These walking belts, produced by the company founded by Eric Sohngen and Frank Ackermann, are used by corporate and private customers in more than 40 countries.

The world's first noiseless, non-electric walking desk designed for work areas, 100% human powered, non-motorized, gravity powered and whisper quiet and ultra-ergonomic. Walkolution treadmill desks are designed for zero distraction and seamless integration into normal work routines.

A non-electric walking desk may sound simple, but Walkolution walking desks are made from proprietary technology protected by international patents. Better still, the walking tables are designed and manufactured at Walkolution's eco-certified production site.

“It is clear that we can only live healthy if the environment allows us to do this. That's why we've been committed to adhering to strict ecological guidelines for our products from the very beginning. For example, we heat our production area with our own wood waste, we only use wood from sustainably operated foresters, and we are also committed to the goal of planting one million trees.” says.

While many companies use waste products to manufacture new products, Walkolution uses their own waste to replace traditional energy sources for manufacturing. The company wants to shed light on the health benefits of walking tables for people while creating a circular economy for its manufacturing facilities.

Sitting has serious health consequences, including not only weight gain and back pain, but also a significantly higher risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke, depression and even dementia.

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How do you solve the problem when most modern jobs require tables? Walkolution Founder Dr. Eric Sohngen is a trained medical doctor and former GP. Health problems caused by sedentary work and lifestyle. It made Sohngen uncomfortable and therefore created a healthier work environment that allows people to work and stay healthy at the same time.

Dr. Sohngen designed the first prototype of a walking desk while he was a medical student in 2006. The first Walkolution walking table ran over 2018 more prototypes before going into production in its current form in 50.

Walkolution desks are rapidly being adopted by industries where managers or employees are health conscious and environmentally conscious. With the Walkolution, the possibility to create a standard or soft-surface walking desk with an attached laptop desk or optional backrest sounds good.

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