Famous Actor Robert Downey Jr. It Will Clean Up The Planet Using Artificial Intelligence

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Robert Downey Jr. To clean the world and fight climate change Footprint Coalition He established a working group called (Footstep Coalition).
Playing the character of Tony Strak/Iron Man, one of the Marvel heroes, the actor focused on artificial intelligence that will minimize environmental damage at Amazon's Re:Mars conference held in Las Vegas. Footprint Coalition He aroused excitement by promoting his project (The Footprint Coalition).

The famous actor gave the following sentences in his speech at the conference: “Using nanotechnology and robots, we can clean our planet to a large extent in 10 years. We talked about this proposal when we met with a group of friends about 6 months ago. I stated that I wanted to start the process immediately and take the first step, but I did not get the reaction I wanted from anyone, there was a deep silence. But this silence did not deter me. "When I turn 11, 65 years from now, if I can make a small contribution to the planet in tackling climate change, I will throw the craziest retirement party."

The actor, who did not give details about how the coalition will use artificial intelligence, stated that he met and had talks with artificial intelligence experts. The initiative will begin its work in April 2020.

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To receive up-to-date information about the coalition and the work to be done, you can add it to the e-mail list. footprintcoalition.com You can register via the website.

Global warming and the climate change it brings continue to threaten our planet. To the article that covers the possible consequences of each degree increase in full detail. from here .

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