Furniture Made of Apple Litter and Peel

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Every day, a new product is added to the products produced through the recycling process. Vegetarian French designer Philippe Starckhas prepared a furniture collection upholstered in vegan leather fabric.

Renowned Italian furniture brand, including the Volage EX-S sofa redesigned with a thinner armrest, the Privè collection, and the Caprice and Passion armchairs Cassina A total of 16 pieces designed for his name were covered with Apple Ten Lork.

Apple Ten Lork The vegan leather alternative called, is produced from the seeds and peel of apples. The collection consists of white, orange and black colored furniture.

furniture upholstered in apple-designed vegan fabric

Cassina states that it will continue its R&D studies to evaluate different raw material alternatives.

Italian company frumat, The company that produces vegan leather. Frumat also uses this material in many industries such as furniture, shoes and bookbinding.

recycling products

The idea is to transform biological industrial residues into a new raw material and to develop sustainable, innovative materials with biological bases with them.

These wastes, which are classified as organic waste, are otherwise thrown into landfills or incinerated.

The use of recycled materials is considered as an alternative solution provider to the issues of creating a sustainable material by obtaining a new raw material and bringing an organic waste to the industry, efficient use of waste storage areas and not being included in the waste category.

Apple leather furniture is on display at the showroom in Paris, highlighting three stories about apples. The first of these, Aby lbrecht Durer painted in 1507 Adam and Eve biblical characters telling their stories.

furniture upholstered in apple-designed vegan fabric

Second, with the apple hanging above the sofa NewtonIt was the theme of the apple falling from the tree and hitting his head that inspired him for his theory of gravity.

Third apple reference, Belgian surrealist painter Magritte's, a famous portrait of a man whose torso is on the back wall of the showroom, with a large green apple floating in front of his face.

recycling products

Starck hopes the collection will encourage consumers to think about how the materials used to make the products they buy look and feel.

In the Starck interview, “The leather sofa is beautiful and comfortable, but why do we have to use this material for comfort? We pretend not to hear the question, but we need to find alternative solutions for the future of our world. Today, maybe apples can help us get started with the answer. Like Newton and William Tell, we believe in the power of the apple. Let's eat apples and hope Cassina sofas made from apples will pave the way for organic recycling in the name of respect for the earth.” said.

The collection is on display at the Cassina Paris Rive Gauche.

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