Recycling Projects

recycling projects

Aiming at the effective use of resources and adopting the principle of reducing the amount of waste generated recycling projects It has been showing itself in different fields with the contribution of technological developments in the last period.

Before learning about recycling projects what is recycling It is important to seek the answer to the question because with the definition of recycling, the scope of recycling projects is getting deeper.

RecycleIt is the re-inclusion of wastes that can be re-evaluated in the production process by going through various processes. In other words, materials that turn into waste after being used physical and chemical processes It is to be reintroduced to the manufacturing processes as a raw material after being applied.

Before giving information about recycling projects; in “Recycling Workshop” with applicable recycling projects You can buy the book called, and contribute to the environment and nature while having fun.

recycling projects


Various applicable recycling projects included in the book With a little attention, a little effort, a little desire and a lot of imagination, you can make great designs of your own from the things you don't plan to use anymore!

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After this definition, it becomes easier to predict what can be included in recycling projects. These projects include the production of furniture from the recycling of paper waste, as well as the production of biofuels from coffee waste. Although packaging waste comes to mind at the first stage when recycling is mentioned, organic wastes can also be included in the recycling process.

Most Notable Recycling Projects of Recent Years



Gum-tec, a subsidiary of the company named Gumpdrop, launched shoes called Gumshoe (Gum Shoes) by undertaking a very creative recycling work in order to collect the waste gum, which is the biggest problem of Amsterdam after cigarette butts, and turn it into a useful result.

The sole of this shoe, named Gumshoe, is made of recyclable compounds produced by Gumdrop and composed of 20% gum.

Gumdrop "We discovered that the gum is made of synthetic rubber," said Anna Bullus, designer and managing director of the company. By using this property of the gum, we have obtained a new kind of rubber.” said.

Click for all the details of the Gumshoe recycling project: Making Shoes from Chewed Gum

As part of the project, chewing gum used in the production of shoes and recycled is collected from the streets of Amsterdam. About 1 kg of gum is used for every four pairs of shoes produced..

Gumdrop's products made from recycled gum are not limited to shoes. Gum-tec offers unlimited potential because chewing gum is made from rubber, the raw material of many things. Among the company's products, in order to prevent the chewing gum from being thrown on the ground Key chain gum collection boxes placed on the streets and combs, boots, door mats, pens, forks, storage containers, frisbee made from recycled gum products as well.

Feel The Peel – Orange Juice Vending Machine

sustainable product

In order to avoid single-use plastic or cardboard cups, the orange juice vending machine called Feel the Peel, which offers sustainability and an innovative approach by using the recycling model, recycles the orange peels used in orange juice production. bioplastic turns it into a glass and presents the orange juice to the consumer in this glass.

Click for all the details of the Feel The Peel recycling project: Orange Juice Vending Machine that Turns Orange Peels into Glasses

Feel The Peel, the technology that obtains packaging from waste, dries the peels of squeezed oranges and turns them into filament sticks for 3D printing. The 3D printer in the vending machine prints the filaments as cups. He then offers the juice of the oranges he squeezes in glasses made from this recycled bioplastic.

Skyscraper – The Bruges Whale

plastic waste whale

of Belgium Bruges held in the city and its theme 'Liquid City' one Bruges Triennial 2018 As part of the project, a whale sculpture almost the size of a real whale was built from plastic waste removed from the ocean. Brooklyn-based architecture and design studio StudioKCAHawaii Wildlife Fund from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in collaboration with plastic waste collected.

StudioKCA “There are now more oceans than whales,” he said. plastic waste swimming,” he says, noting that they used the largest living mammal, the whale, to draw attention to the magnitude of the problem.

Click for full details of The Bruges Whale recycling project: Giant Whale Designed from Plastic Waste

More than approximately 5 tons collected from oceans and Hawaiian beaches plastic waste used statue Skyscraper – The Bruges Whale was named. This work of art, placed on a canal in Bruges, Belgium, reveals how much damage man has done to the world.

Platio – Solar Panel Flooring Systems

solar panel

company from hungary of Platio, designed by from recycled plastic done solar panel flooring systemIt is capable of charging the mobile phones of those sitting on the benches by converting the stored solar energy into electrical energy. In addition to the company's use of renewable energy, the use of recycled plastic in production carries an environmental integrity.

Click for all the details of the Platio recycling project: Platio Produces Solar Panel Floors from Recycled Plastic!

Platio, designed by solar panel flooring systems helping to shape the future of cities. A creative use of the company's solar panel technologies is found in Budapest, Hungary, in Városháza Park.

Starbucks – Furniture from Recycled Glasses

starbucks paper cup recycling

Starbucks, which plans to reduce its environmental footprint with its innovative store design, will enable the production of furniture from Starbucks waste with this exciting collaboration. As part of the recycling project, it is planned to work on a sustainable redesign of the iconic 'Bean Chair' in stores nationwide in the first phase.

Click for full details of Starbucks recycling project: Starbucks' Paper Cups Will Turn into Furniture in Stores

The “cup collection and recycling bin” produced by recycling used glasses will be available in Pentatonic stores and in all Starbucks stores in the near future. With this initiative, Starbucks takes an innovative and solid step in waste management and collection at source.

Adidas – Ultra Boost 

It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world. Adidas formed in the oceans plastic pollution It leads all the big brands of the world in fighting against it.

In the project initiated by Adidas with the slogan "We turn the problem into a solution and the threat into a thread", the collections collected from the African continent plastic waste These yarns are converted into yarn and used in the production of sports products such as t-shirts, shorts, sports shoes and swimsuits.

Click for all the details of the Ultra Boost recycling project: Adidas Fights Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

Known as the Ultra Boost series and made with materials approximately 95% of which are made from plastic waste, it was quite surprising that one million pairs were sold in 2017 alone. The production of a pair of Ultra Boost shoes is a waste of 11 plastic bottles. recycling is obtained with

Print Your City – Urban Furniture from Plastic Waste

recycled plastic

The New Raw design company plastic wasteHe signed a study that has not been applied before for the re-evaluation of the Based on this study plastic wasteIt has been transformed into benches produced almost all over the streets of Rotterdam.

Click for all the details of the Print Your City recycling project: Plastic Waste is Transformed into Urban Furniture

These benches, which are completely their own design on the streets of Rotterdam, are used for people to sit and rest comfortably. %one hundred from recycled plastic Of course, the ergonomic design that balances the body weight with this urban furniture produced has also been considered.

Paraffin Glasses 


Paraffin glasses “What can be done with recycled materials” constitutes the best examples of the question. Plastic bottles, cork, HDPE bottles, old beverage cans, nylons and natural bamboo are preferred as materials for the glasses designed with perfect lines.

Click for detailed information about the Paraffin recycling project: Shoes and Glasses to Encourage Recycling

Moreover, in addition to producing environmentally friendly and original designs, they donate a certain portion of each product sold to children in need. This company, which sees nothing as garbage, is creating a revolution in waste reduction.

Apple Ten Lork – Furniture Made from Apple Litter and Peel

furniture upholstered in apple-designed vegan fabric

Apple Ten Lork The vegan leather alternative called, is produced from the seeds and peel of apples. The collection consists of white, orange and black colored furniture.

Italian company frumat, The company that produces vegan leather. Frumat also uses this material in many industries such as furniture, shoes and bookbinding.

The idea is to transform biological industrial residues into a new raw material and to develop sustainable, innovative materials with biological bases with them.

Click for all the details of the Apple Ten Lork recycling project: Furniture Made from Apple Litter and Peel

These wastes, which are classified as organic waste, are otherwise thrown into landfills or incinerated. The use of recycled materials is considered as an alternative solution provider to the issues of creating a sustainable material by obtaining a new raw material from organic waste and bringing it to the industry, efficient use of waste storage areas and not being included in the waste category.

Plastic Road – Bicycle Path from Plastic Waste 

The plastic waste evaluation project, which has been implemented recently, is very promising. In the project, it was turned into a bicycle path by using plastic waste. The idea to use plastic waste instead of asphalt came from the PlasticRoads project in Amsterdam. 218 thousand plastic cups and 500 thousand plastic bottles recycling from caps has taken place. A 30-meter bicycle track was obtained from the use of these plastic wastes.

Click for full details of Plastic Road recycling project: Bicycle Trail from Plastic Cups and Bottle Caps in Amsterdam

In addition, sensors that detect the number of bicycles passing over the bicycle track and the temperature of the day have also been added. This project, which appealed to both environmental friends and technology lovers, has shed light on many future projects. For this reason, PlasticRoad has made history as the world's first smart bike path. Thanks to the project, it has been proven that even roads can be made from recycling wastes from plastic and bottle caps.

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