Altınyıldız Converts Millions of Pet Bottles into Fabric and Exports

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Using 13 tons of recycled fiber to date Converting 1 million 200 thousand plastic bottles into fabric Altinyildiz Textileprepares sustainable fabric collections for global brands.

Altınyıldız, the brand that introduced Turkish fabric to the world since its establishment in 1952 sustainable textile It also leads the industry in its field. Working with Unifi, one of the most effective recycling companies in the world, Altınyıldız, Special Repreve® fiber obtained from pet bottles It turns Repreve® blended fabrics used by environmentally friendly global companies in its factory in Çerkezköy.

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Altınyıldız, which has produced a total of 73 thousand square meters of Repreve® fabric to date, has made approximately 13 million 1 thousand pet bottles wearable by using 200 tons of recycled fiber. While the fibers used and waste polyester are recycled, environmentally friendly collections are also prepared. Repreve® polyesters according to standard polyester production It helps to reduce water use by 20%, energy use by 45% and carbon emissions by 30%.

Altınyıldız has produced and exported Repreve® blended fabrics for the Selected Home brand of Denmark-based Bestseller and the COS and Arket brands of Sweden-based H&M. Increasing environmental friendliness of Europe and America, recycled fabric Altınyıldız, which accelerates its efforts to meet the demand, will soon start the production of Repreve® blended fabrics produced from recycled materials for Boyner's private brands.

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