How Does Plastic Recycle?

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Reuse of many substances used in daily life by participating in recycling is important in terms of keeping our natural resources for future generations and protecting the ecological balance of our world. Recycle There are many areas we can do. The most known and used one among these is the transformation in the field of plastics. Plastics contain substances such as crude oil, coal and gas. When they are thrown into the nature, they cause visual pollution and also harm the living creatures and soil in the environment. In addition, since it takes many years for plastic waste to mix with nature under normal conditions, recycling of plastic waste and its importance it is quite large.

So what are the plastic wastes that can be included in the recycling? 

Many products that we use in the flow of life actually contain plastic. PET bottles for drinking water, nylon bags frequently used in markets and stores, water demijohns and plastic Glasses are just a few of them. In addition, plastic materials are used in the food and beverage industry, in construction and agricultural covers, in the production of garbage or fertilizer bags.

Recycling Stages

Evaluation of plastic waste We, the consumers, and the organizations dealing with this issue have a responsibility. The conversion process has several steps and variants. First of all, when purchasing these items, it is necessary to pay attention to the recycling sign on the labels. Users of products containing plastic start the recycling process by throwing these materials into garbage containers suitable for recycling. In addition, plastics are separated from normal garbage. recycle can participate in the process.

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The next part concerns conversion factories, not consumers. Plastics collected from garbage cans are separated according to their contents and made ready for recycling. After the separation process, they are broken into small pieces in specially prepared machines. Then, plastic raw materials are added in certain proportions depending on the areas to be used in the plastics that are turned into small pieces in the machines. Another option is to melt small pieces at this stage to form a product consisting entirely of waste materials.

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Let's not forget that we, the consumers, should contribute to the future of our world by supporting the transformation in response to the increasing use of plastic and the reduction of natural resources by consumption.

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