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How does climate change affect the world?
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Experienced climate changes have global effects. For this reason, all living things are affected by climate change. Nature is shaped by this change, and water levels change. Since there is a high rate of warming and cooling in the world, living species that cannot adapt to this change are disappearing.

In our country, where endemic diversity is quite high, we can say that this diversity has decreased due to climate change. How climate change is affecting the world To make a general comment under the name; It can be said that the world is in a negative change in every sense. The reason for this situation is that the experienced climate change does not occur for natural selection.

The negative effects of humans on nature have resulted in consequences such as the change in the gas ratio in the atmosphere and the increase in the greenhouse effect. People's use of technology, living independently of nature, and many other developments have been made without thinking about how nature will respond to it. Humanity has been brought into a psychology on production, and each person's selfish involvement in life has come out. With this situation, the destruction of nature has occurred and climate change resulted in large proportions.

Climate is the most important feature of a geography. For this reason, its change has affected all living things. Even the geographical conditions of the world have changed. The rate of water found, the rate of gas, the function of the atmosphere have changed.

Why Is The Climate Changing?

Climate changes actually happen regardless of humanity. In other words, the changes experienced after the formation of the world take place in such a way that living things can adapt to this change. However, at the beginning of the 19th century, this situation reached a very different dimension. How climate change is affecting the world This change is the biggest reason why the question is answered in a negative way.

The source of this change is 90% human. In other words, humanity's digging its own well is by damaging nature. The developments in the world have changed the goals of people. For this reason, with the increase in production, the damage caused by the means of production to nature has become ignored because it is for profit. Since the use of production materials will provide profit to the investors, the harm to the nature is ignored.

Such destructive behavior of people; It has caused the basic features necessary for the continuity of nature to go out of the normal. For this reason, the changes have become quite destructive.

Abnormal change; due to the increase in temperature in the atmosphere. With the combination of harmful gases, the damage to the world has increased and climate change has started to happen rapidly.

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Climate Change in the Historical Process

The impact of humans on nature has a negative side in terms of climate change. However, experts say that the world has gone through many changes since its formation. In other words, nature is changing by itself. After a certain period of time, the change of nature actually came out of a destructive dimension. However, here, too, man stepped in, causing the change of nature to take place in a negative way.

To talk about the 1200s; In this process, it can be said that the climate has a variable structure. In addition, natural disasters; events such as floods and droughts.

Between 1400 and 1550, there was an ice age that lasted for 300 years. During this period, it was said that living things froze to death.

How Climate Change Is Affecting the World Concretely devastating results are given for the question. By the end of the 1800s, the temperature had increased by 0.5 degrees on average. In the 1900s, a great deal of warming was experienced. 1998 has been described as the warmest year the world has ever experienced in every sense.

Experienced climate changes have been harmful to living things; However, it is a very big problem that humans cause climate change by destroying nature.

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