Kanye West Announces They Will Make Shoes From Seaweed

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Kanye West's Yeezy There are many shoes designed and sold under the brand name. With the new sneakers, which West announced that it will launch in the past few days, it sustainability He also showed that he was interested in his subjects.

Kanye West recently Fast Company Innovation FestivalThe new shoe prototype, which he announced in .

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Yeezy's chief designer, Steven Smith, attended the interview at the festival; “Ecological concerns intersect with what we do. This concept is just the beginning of the future Kanye envisioned for us to start working on it.” said.

Sneaker prototype unveiled in Atlanta It was produced from a combination of petroleum-based ethylene-vinyl acetate and foam made from algae. West also said that the company will create a hydroponic algae farm where it can grow its own algae. He stated that in this way, they will make a kind of agriculture for sustainable production.

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The company states that by making foam from algae, it can prevent water pollution and fossil fuel use. In addition, the company, which also announced that they are researching alternatives to environmentally harmful dyes, announced that they will launch sports shoes in 2020.

According to the tweet from the official Yeezy Twitter account, Yeezy Foam Runners Eco-friendly sneakers, which will be launched under the name of It will be available for $75. 

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Although the shoes do not appeal to everyone in terms of style, Emphasizing the use of environmentally friendly materials and production alternatives in the fashion industry has a very important place in terms of

While the fashion industry releases millions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year, many of the chemicals and dyes used during production pollute water resources.

By switching to more environmentally friendly materials and sustainable practices, players in the fashion industry can minimize this damage to the planet.

People like Kanye West, who have had the chance to make their voices heard by large masses, use this power in a positive way, It has a very valuable place to work for making this world livable and for future generations to have what we have.

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