How to Reduce Carbon Emission?

carbon emission reduction

What Should I Do for the Environment Today?

Carbon is of vital importance as a substance found in the building blocks of all living things. For carbon present as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere How to reduce carbon emissions? There are many solutions for this question in our daily life and on an industrial basis.

All of the food or other products we buy while shopping in our daily life are directly or indirectly to carbon emissions it causes. Indirect processes of food and other products reaching the end consumer to carbon emissions While it is given as an example, the burning of fossil fuels by the engine while driving, for example, also appears as a direct contribution.

Green Energy and Renewable Resources

How to reduce carbon emissions? For the answer to the question, we first need to look at our consumption habits. How we use energy sources in our homes and the practices we use to protect them are among the prominent methods to reduce emissions.

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For this, first of all, the energy saving bulb products are recommended. By using green energy products that consume less energy, such as LED lights, the emission can be reduced to a very good extent. In order to reduce the emission, it is also evaluated within the scope of green energy. Class A white goods are among the recommendations. With these devices that consume less and therefore save energy, carbon footprint you can minimize.

Another method of reducing carbon emissions is use of renewable resources. With solar and wind energy, toxic carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced to a very low level. Solar energy systems can be used at home to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels, and governments can also reduce carbon emissions with clean energy methods by using wind and solar energy on a large scale.

Less Use of Motor Vehicles

carbon emission

Close distances for clean energy bike use started to be encouraged. Except this public transport You can also contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions by using By not using your own car, you can reduce your carbon footprint by 20%.

For close distances even when going out of town Preferring the train or bus instead of the plane It also provides significant gains. All these are known as carbon emission reduction methods that will be made as a result of individual efforts of people. Apart from this, various measures can be taken for larger reductions.


Considering that 465 new vehicles are on the road every day in Istanbul, in addition to the environmental benefits of public transport, cost and time It also appears to be quite effective.

With population growth and urbanization in Turkey, population density is concentrated in city centers. On the 3,5 meter strip While the number of passengers carried per hour is 2 thousand by private vehicle, it reaches 20 thousand by bus and 80 thousand by metro.

50 thousand people in traffic While it covers 175 meters with its private vehicle, it covers 35 meters by bus and 9 meters by metro. When public transport is not preferred, almost 20 times more carbon emissions traffic density increases, serious losses occur in terms of both time and cost.

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Area occupied by 60 people using cars, buses and bicycles

1 liter of fuel distance to transport a passenger 19 kilometers by private car, 39 kilometers by bus and 48 kilometers by metro was calculated as. Between metro and private car There is a serious distance difference of 2,5 times. In addition, using the eco-driving technique in public transportation, annual 1,13 billion lira fuel savings can be provided.


According to a research conducted by IETT, transportation by public transportation is compared to transportation by private vehicles. 7-7.5 times less carbon emissions makes it happen.

According to the research results, The share of single-passenger private vehicles in total vehicles reaches 80-85 percent. can reach. Single-passenger vehicles are cited as the biggest cause of traffic congestion in Istanbul. This situation also causes serious carbon emissions to occur.

With the metrobus (BRT) application in Istanbul 500 million passengers with 1 vehicles per day While the number of passengers transported by 50 thousand service vehicles, the number of passengers carried is 2 million 200 thousand.. 1,5 million passengers per day by private cars is moving.

Increasing energy efficiency, giving priority to energy methods obtained from renewable sources, especially in transportation, in order to reduce carbon emissions more widely. using clean energy, protection and increase of agricultural lands and most importantly forest lands practices such as

Among them is the cake for swing the largest share, increase carbon emissions by burning fossil fuels transportation and heating. With the transition to clean energy sources in transportation and heating / cooling systems correct insulation It can go a long way thanks to it.

How to reduce carbon emissions? Actually, the best answer to the question starts with the technology itself. Increasing carbon emissions after the technological developments that started with the industrial revolution can now be reduced thanks to the technologies developed for green energy production.

In order to reduce carbon emissions on the basis of cities and countries, an appropriate infrastructure and technological competence are required. For example, for transportation hydrogen cell technology or electric buses and cars use is an example of this. It may be possible for us to live in a much cleaner and longer-lasting world when sufficient investment and incentives are made to reduce carbon emissions. For this, first of all, our individual efforts are of great importance.

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Determining our consumption in line with our needs is very important in reducing emissions. For this governments also raise awareness of their citizens and adopt habits that reduce carbon emissions to the society. is also of great importance.

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