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Like everything else in the universe, our planet and the raw materials necessary for our survival are also running out. As the means of production develop, consumption enters a process of uncontrolled increase. However, in order for life to be sustainable, we need to consider the needs of the next generation while consuming.

Lavera Naturkosmetik is a natural cosmetics brand that has brought this awareness of sustainable life to the fore since its establishment in 1987. Every cosmetic product produced by the brand is 100% natural and Natrue certificate and its naturalness has been approved, and a significant part of its product range consists of vegan products. Aiming to respect nature and all its components, the brand, of course, does not test on animals under any circumstances. cruelty-free has the feature of being

for many years in Germany Green Brand Lavera brand, which received the award, produces in the field of skin, hair care and make-up with the discourse of natural cosmetics for everyone. The founder of the brand, Thomas Haase, explains Lavera's philosophy of existence as follows.

“Our skin and body are also part of the natural world, so we follow the natural path to hair and skin care using the most effective and sustainable care systems. With the awareness that care products should have a positive impact on both people and the environment, we will continue to work so that everyone can benefit from the blessings of nature.”

What are Lavera's Activities for a Sustainable Life?

To reduce energy consumption Lavera switched to 100% green energy, uses the highest possible amount of recycled materials in its product packaging and continues its efforts to reduce the packaging rate in products.

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Proactive support for animal rights has been a valuable issue for Lavera since its establishment, and in this context, the brand, whose products are mostly vegan, has been around since November 2020. PETA positive is on the list.

Obtaining emission reduction certificates from notified bodies in 2018 Lavera Naturkosmetic, reaching climate neutrality Also through independent tests by TÜV Rheinland Climate neutral attained the title of a company.

The brand, which is not indifferent to climate projects, has 2 important climate projects, Peru and Kenya.

Peru (Climate Partner ID: 12310-1610-1001, Nr. 1114): The unique rainforest in Tambopata has been protected, thanks to its funding of the ClimatePartner forest conservation program in Peru. If the project had not been realized, this place would have disappeared in 15 years.

Kenya (Climate Partner ID: 12310-1610-1001, No. 1008/1075): Lavera is working with ClimatePartner to provide people in Kenya with clean drinking water using water filters. Thanks to Lavera's commitment, the disease level has been reduced by 41% over the last few years and 28 million liters of clean drinking water have been provided.

Lavera is now in Turkey!

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Lavera cosmetics are now in Turkey for those who respect nature and show their awareness of sustainability in personal care products! Official distributor and sole authorized dealer of the brand sachane.comYou can find Lavera products and shop with confidence.

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