Meet the Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrency EverGreenCoin (EGC)

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Those who say it is environmentally friendly and have a different definition from other cryptocurrencies EverGreenCoinhas recently started to make a name for himself. EverGreenCoin, which entered this system, which is a crypto currency and consumes a lot of energy, sets out to create awareness in the order it is in and states that it wants to make a significant difference in the current conjuncture.

How Does Cryptocurrency Become Environmentally Friendly?

Cryptocurrency EverGreenCoin, which is defined as a green currency, appears as a green currency. EGC acts with the aim of fulfilling the responsibility it has on the world we live in, for a clean environment. Why are the main differences between them and Bitcoin, which has been mentioned a lot lately and has been on the agenda a lot? green money It can help us to understand that it is a unit;

a- Regardless of its borders, it can transfer to any place in the world with almost zero cost.

b- Unlike Bitcoin, it finalizes transactions more quickly

c- Finally, it uses a much more environmentally friendly method while performing these operations.

d- No personal information is requested on the system, thus ensuring information security.

EverGreenCoin, together with an algorithm it uses in its transactions, states that it consumes as much energy as the processor in a computer at home. On the other hand, the rate of return that the currency will provide for the members who register on the system is around 7% annually. Saying that there is no possibility to make a change on the EGC, the officials state that any manipulation attempt will also be fruitless. The reason is due to the fact that it is not mined, which is a printed or another virtual currency term, and as a result, it strengthens its reliability.

The EverGreenCoin system consists of a 4-legged system and defines itself as a structure consisting of branches. EGC Water, EGC Gardens, EGC Cannabis ve EGC Renewables Each of the feet that he defines as a trader is traded on its own area. EverGreenCoin, Environment friendly He also likens the mechanism of operation as a currency to a tree. For EGC, it is among the things to be done to prevent unnecessary spending of resources and to make improvements on the income to be obtained and natural life.


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