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writer Asli Turan

an old english saying “Where there is pollution, there is profit.” he says. climate crisis, although there is still a group that does not intend to admit its existence; It is seen that the increase in the frequency of being spoken by political elements affects the state of "believing" in the crisis. This may seem like a very positive development at first, but multinational companies «puts carbon on her decks» it could also be…

Carbon footprint, carbon emissions, carbon trading, etc. What does the fear of carbon justify?

Carbon dioxide fetishism, in Swyngedouw's terms, explains the perception that the climate crisis is simply related to increased carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, and that we need to finance carbon to stop this increase. It convinces us that changes in the atmosphere are caused by carbon, reducing all other polluting gases to a single unit.

carbon trading

Thus, by commodifying carbon «to save our world» He is convinced that it is important for us to establish a global trade system, which he did. European Emissions Trading System some countries such as Australia and South Korea, especially carbon trading systems there is even. We can roughly define these systems as pollution permits.

It is a more detailed definition that states and companies advertise the practices they can do in another area or geography with the "environmentalist" mask and "put a price on the atmosphere" in order to balance the destruction they cause there even if they exceed this limit.

The fact that they have become "serving the world" without being held accountable for their activities does not show that this system is a just system. It may be more understandable here to give an example from the opposite direction. Sometimes, some governments and companies sell their reduced emissions to other parties, like a carbon credit, without responsibility. While these are happening, it is the balance of power and inequalities that are dictated to be seen by the public, neither the obligations of the states nor the underlying issues that seem to be merely technical; It is carbon, which is a residual commodity that is desired to be shown.

It is the delusion that we have less carbon emissions into our atmosphere, which is well invested in our minds with the idea of ​​globality. We can also show green technology solutions as an example related to this point. climate crisis in an effort to make people believe that it is only a technical problem and solvable with appropriate equations, by de-politicizing it. "green" adjective loses depth in its content.

Bookchin, therefore, Since ecological issues cannot be expressed in biological terms alone, has mentioned. climate crisis It is important that we speak in an integrated structure and act with the right practices…

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