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most economical air conditioner models
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Although the use of air conditioners makes our life easier in the modern world, its contribution to global warming undeniable. Air conditioning units require a lot of energy to operate, and most of the electricity supplied to our homes comes from fossil fuels.

Many air conditioners use hydrofluorocarbons, which become a potent greenhouse gas if leaked during appliance repair or disposal. It is therefore important to properly dispose of aging air conditioners.

But the good news is that manufacturers are developing many new ways to provide alternatives to hydrofluorocarbons and to make air conditioning more sustainable.

Today, one of the most important criteria to consider when purchasing a new air conditioner is to look for a unit that consumes less electricity. The most economical air conditioner models are now approx. It helps you lower your electricity bills and reduce carbon emissions by consuming 30 percent less electricity.

Searching for the most economical air conditioner models is actually choosing among the best air conditioner models carries the meaning. Because the best air conditioners are the most economical ones with the latest technology. You can also reduce carbon emissions by taking advantage of the innovations that technology brings to us and using some low-tech tricks.

Generally in homes, the device that consumes the most electricity is the air conditioner, accounting for 16% of the total electricity bill on average. air conditioners in hot regions, It is possible to make up even 50% of the electricity bill.

The easiest way to save on electricity bills would be to limit the use of air conditioners and too low temperatures, and of course choose the most economical air conditioner model. However, sometimes there are other factors that create excessive electricity consumption. Over time, the air conditioner requires maintenance due to usage, and if its regular maintenance is neglected, this may lead to excessive electricity consumption.

One of the factors affecting the energy use of air conditioners We will talk about it in the following parts of our article, but first of all, we wanted to provide you with the answer to the question of which are the most economical air conditioner models.

One of the factors you should consider among the air conditioners in our list of the most economical air conditioner models. is the air conditioning capacity.

Because in order for an air conditioner to be the best air conditioner or the most economical air conditioner, the BTU calculation must be done correctly.

Before buying an air conditioner, we must calculate the BTU with the dimensions of our room and buy the air conditioner suitable for the size of the room. In other words, the most suitable capacity for you. BTU in the following sections of our article in order to determine the Air Conditioning Capacity Calculation / BTU Calculation You can review the calculation under the heading.

The Most Saving Air Conditioner Models of 2021

The list of the least electricity consuming air conditioners of 2021 is at the forefront of energy-efficient options currently on the market. While choosing the most economical air conditioner models among these options, best air conditioner models you choose from.

1. Mitsubishi SRK35ZSP-W(S) A++ 12.000 Btu/h Intverter Air Conditioner SRK35ZSP-S

mitsubishi 12000btu air conditioner     SHOW PRICES

  • Heating Capacity: 12283 BTU
  • Cooling Capacity: 10918 BTU
  • Energy Class: A ++
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Air Conditioner Type: Split (Wall Type)
  • Volume: 58 dB

One of the most preferred and least energy consuming air conditioner models of the Mitsubishi brand. The most advantageous features of Mitsubishi SRK35ZSP-W(S) A++ 12.000 Btu/h Intverter Air Conditioner are as follows.

jet air technology

The aerodynamic analysis technology used in the development of long-distance and silent airflow jet engines is also used in the airflow system design of mitsubishi heavy air conditioners.

Fuzzy auto mode

With a calculation method using indoor and outdoor temperatures, the device independently determines its operating mode and temperature settings, automatically adjusts the inverter frequency.

high power mode hi power

In (high power) mode, the device works continuously for 15 minutes, providing performance especially when a certain temperature setting is desired to be reached quickly.

Economic work

While the device performs a comfortable cooling or heating operation, it also saves energy efficiently.

2. Baymak Elegant Plus 12 A++ 12000 F/P Air Conditioner

Baymak elegant air conditioner SHOW PRICES

  • Heating Capacity: 12113 BTU
  • Cooling Capacity: 12000 BTU
  • Energy Class: A ++
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Air Conditioner Type: Split (Wall Type)
  • Volume: 53 dB

Among the energy-saving air conditioners on the market This is the most economical model.At the same time, it is a very efficient product in terms of price performance. The new generation functions that make this air conditioner special, which also receives positive feedback from users, are as follows.

  • The new generation air conditioner, which exhibits sensitive temperature control features, realizes even a temperature change of 0,5 degrees and brings the environment to the ideal temperature level.
  • The automatic air blowing system in 4 different directions allows the air conditioner to distribute air equally in every environment.
  • The device, which provides superior energy saving thanks to its Eco Mode feature, is appreciated for its environmentally friendly use. All settings can be made easily with the LCD remote control and the ambient temperature can be read easily.
  • The smart cleaning function promises an ideal use by purifying the indoor unit of the air conditioner from possible dust and odor. Silver ion and active carbon filtering system makes the ambient air more hygienic.
  • With the “I feel” technology, you can instantly reach the temperature you want to feel in the environment and create comfortable living spaces.

3. Airfel LTXN35U A++ 12000 BTU Wall Mounted Inverter Air Conditioner

economical air conditioner         SHOW PRICES

  • Heating Capacity: 13000 BTU
  • Cooling Capacity: 12000 BTU
  • Energy Class: A ++
  • Inverter: There is
  • Air Conditioner Type: Split (Wall Type)
  • Volume: 41 dB

Airfel, which is among the economical air conditioner models, received full marks from the users with its cooling performance. The energy-saving air conditioner model stands out as one of the most preferred air conditioners. 

Bringing your living space to the ideal temperature with its 12000 BTU capacity, Airfel Klima combines Inverter technology and turbo function. Thanks to the combination of these two technologies, the fast heating and rapid cooling feature comes into play.

Allowing you to reach the desired temperature in seconds, Airfel Air Conditioner offers an extremely easy use thanks to its fault detection system.

Powerful heating-cooling properties, low energy consumptionWith its design and much more, Airfel Wall Type Inverter Air Conditioner manages to meet your expectations in the best way possible.

4. Vestel Plasma 18 A++ 18000 BTU Air Conditioner

best air conditioner       SHOW PRICES

  • Heating Capacity: 18700 BTU
  • Cooling Capacity: 18000 BTU
  • Energy Class: A ++
  • Inverter: There is
  • Air Conditioner Type: Split (Wall Type)
  • Volume: 56 dB

if your air conditioner capacity calculation (you can reach the calculation later in our article) göre 18.000 BTU If this is the required capacity for you, this air conditioner is an energy-efficient air conditioner model that is praised by the users, and the new generation technologies in this model are listed below.

  • The product, which automatically detects temperature changes in room temperature with its Digital DC Inverter technology, offers a more economical use by adjusting the working speed.
  • The 10 times effective active carbon filter eliminates harmful molecules and bad odors with its 10 times more effective filtering feature than fabric and grabule filters, and provides a more hygienic environment.
  • Ultra-quiet sleep mode provides a healthy and refreshing sleep experience by specially adjusting the ambient temperature and airflow. Energy saving mode On the other hand, it draws an environmentally and budget-friendly profile with its more economical operating principle than normal modes.
  • The air conditioner, which has a restart feature, continues to operate from where it left off in its current mode after a power outage and does not require extra adjustment.

5. Arçelik Ecological 18325 Inverter Air Conditioner

Arcelik air conditioner         SHOW PRICES

  • Heating Capacity: 19780 BTU
  • Cooling Capacity: 18000 BTU
  • Energy Class: A ++
  • Inverter: There is
  • Air Conditioner Type: Split (Wall Type)
  • Volume: 31 dB

Arçelik Ecological 18325 A++ 18000 BTU Inverter Air Conditioner is among the new generation air conditioners that successfully perform heating and cooling functions.

The product, which is among the price-performance products, maintains its durability and working efficiency for long periods with Arçelik quality. The air conditioner model, which is easily mounted on the wall, provides a very practical use with the remote control. The model, which comes with a user manual that is understandable and can be easily followed without any help from anyone, is used in areas such as living room, living room, bedroom, children's room, guest room, study room and kitchen in the home environment, while office, office, cafe, school, hospital, It is also used in workplaces such as shopping malls and hotels to clean and improve the air of the environment.

Arçelik wall-mounted air conditioner is among the quality alternatives for users who want to replace their old air conditioners or who will buy air conditioners for the first time. The product, which has different operating features for summer and winter months, is preferred by users who want to maintain the humidity balance in the environment and create a healthy living space.

  • The product, which has an instantaneous consumption indicator, offers ease of use with its energy control feature.
  • The model, which includes special filters, improves the air flow with a single button and provides a soft air flow.
  • Arçelik air conditioner with automatic moving air distribution regulates the humidity balance in the environment.
  • Inverter air conditioner in A++ energy class, It saves power with its eco-friendly usage philosophy.

6. LG S3-M18KLRZA ARTCOOL A++ Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

most economical air conditioner      SHOW PRICES

  • Heating Capacity: 18000 BTU
  • Cooling Capacity: 18000 BTU
  • Energy Class: A ++
  • Inverter: There is
  • Air Conditioner Type: Split (Wall Type)
  • Sound Level: 44 dB

This air conditioner, which stands out with its advanced functions, also gives the best of its price with its energy saving performance.

  • LG Artcool Inverter Air Conditioner compares to traditional air conditioners by continuously adjusting the compressor speed. provides more energy savings.
  • With its ionizing feature, the device sterilizes both the air and odors and harmful substances that may occur in the unit, thanks to more than 3 million ions.
  • LG air conditioner works silently with its specially designed inclined fan system.
  • Jet Cooling mode creates strong airflow, helping the environment to cool in a short time.
  • The 4-way swing function blows the air in multiple directions effectively and quickly.
  • The automatic cleaning feature prevents the formation of harmful substances in the heat exchanger.

7. Demirdöküm A5 18000 BTU Inverter Air Conditioner

Demirdöküm air conditioner          SHOW PRICES


  • Heating Capacity: 18000 BTU
  • Cooling Capacity: 18000 BTU
  • Energy Class: A ++
  • Inverter: There is
  • Air Conditioner Type: Split (Wall Type)
  • Sound Level: 44 dB

Among the energy-saving air conditioner models, this air conditioner model, which received very good comments from users, also draws attention with its environmentally friendly feature.

  • DemirDöküm A5 Inverter Air Conditioner exhibits high performance with A++ Cooling and A+ Heating Efficiency Class. consumes minimal energy.
  • Working with R32 refrigerant gas, the wall-mounted air conditioner affects the ozone layer less with 68% less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • When the "I feel" button on the remote is pressed, the air conditioner blowing flow rate and temperature are automatically adjusted by the air conditioner.
  • The air conditioner, which has 5 different fan speed alternatives as automatic, low, medium, high and turbo, allows a comfortable use.

8.Baymak Elegant Plus 9.000 BTU Air Conditioner


most economical air conditioner          SHOW PRICES

  • Heating Capacity: 9042 BTU
  • Cooling Capacity: 9000 BTU
  • Energy Class: A ++
  • Inverter: There is
  • Air Conditioner Type: Split (Wall Type)
  • Volume: 51 dB

Among the energy-saving air conditioner models Baymak air conditioners, which are an economical option, especially from users durable and quieter than other air conditioners as well as receiving positive feedback.

  • Regardless of the weather conditions, the inverter air conditioner with two-way function offers you the temperature conditions you desire every season.
  • Thanks to the advantage of the A++ energy class, it operates more economically in both heating and cooling than A class inverter air conditioners.
  • With the "I Feel" technology, it always reflects the warmth you want to feel to the environment you live in.
  • With the programmable "Timer" feature, your office goes into sleep mode as soon as it reaches the desired temperature values.
  • While bringing ideal weather conditions to your home, it works very quietly with 51 dB sound level.

9. Franke OD FRAME 18 Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

franke air conditioner      SHOW PRICES

  • Heating Capacity: 1900 BTU
  • Cooling Capacity: 18000 BTU
  • Energy Class: A ++
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Air Conditioner Type: Split (Wall Type)
  • Volume: 63 dB

The wall-mounted air conditioner bearing the signature of Franke can be personalized thanks to its black and white front panels.

– Much more with the new generation refrigerant R410A Offers environmentally friendly performance. Due to its R410A properties, Franke OD Frame air conditioner does not harm the ozone layer.

– It offers performance in silence that will not disturb anyone. Both indoor and outdoor units remain silent with DV inverter technology.

– It brings high air quality to the living spaces where it works. Franke Od Frame air conditioner brings much cleaner air inside with its three different main filters.

- It relieves the bills with its energy efficiency. Sleep mode reduces energy consumption.

10.Samsung AR18TXCAAWK/SK Wind-Free Premium Plus Split Air Conditioner

samsung air conditioner      SHOW PRICES

  • Heating Capacity: 20473 BTU
  • Cooling Capacity: 18000 BTU
  • Energy Class: A ++
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Air Conditioner Type: Split (Wall Type)
  • Volume: 41 dB
  • When the Samsung Wind-Free air conditioner is operating in Wind-Free mode, the outdoor unit It works with 77% less energy consumption compared to the fast cooling mode. This system, which provides windless cooling, provides both minimum power consumption and the opportunity to cool without being exposed to direct breeze.
  • Samsung Wind-Free air conditioner provides a much calmer and more peaceful environment thanks to its silent operation mode. Thanks to this mode, which you can select by pressing a single button on the remote, you can enjoy cooling or warming up in a quiet environment.
  • The Twin Tube silencer in the compressor ensures that the outdoor unit runs much quieter while the compressor provides a strong air flow. The air conditioner also helps you fall asleep easily with the temperature control in the cooling mode instead of an annoying cold air flow while you are asleep with its good sleep mode feature.
  • Thanks to its easily removable and cleanable antibacterial filter, Samsung Wind-Free keeps the bacteria in the air in its filter and creates a healthier and more hygienic environment by purifying the air of your home from harmful factors. The self-cleaning feature of the air conditioner is automatically activated after the air conditioner is turned off, and the moisture formed in the indoor unit is dried by the fan for 10 to 30 minutes. Thus, the formation of bacteria and mold in the indoor unit is prevented.
  • Compressor capacity is used more efficiently and limitedly. With the Eco mode, you can use your air conditioner without worrying about electricity bills, thanks to Samsung Wind-Free, which offers both a high performance and an ideal air conditioning solution.
  • Your device has Wi-Fi capability. Wherever you are, with the Smart Things feature, you can easily manage your air conditioner with the push of a button via your smart devices and instruct the air conditioner to heat or cool the house before you come home. Thus, when you come home, a warm or cool environment will be waiting for you as you wish.

What are the Factors Affecting the Energy Use of the Air Conditioner?


1. Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioner Model

Each air conditioner is rated for energy efficiency, showing how many BTUs are used per hour for each watt supplied to it.

For room air conditioners it is called EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio), while for central air conditioners the rating is called SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio).

This rating is affixed to all air conditioners. On the Energy Guide Label listed. The higher the EER, the less electricity the AC uses.

While the savings are not that drastic, getting a higher EER air conditioner will pay off in the long run.

EER and COP are not well-known concepts among the public. We generally know the energy classes of air conditioners with letters, namely C, B, A, A+, A++, A+++.

Energy classes of air conditioners EER and COP It is shown on the energy label with one of these letters in a scale according to its values. Energy classes of air conditioners should be chosen according to the climate of the region where they live. If we explain with an example; An air conditioner that is class A for Istanbul will not be class A for Adana, either.

In addition to energy classification, in terms of energy saving, inverter air conditioners It provides advantages thanks to the inverter technology they contain in their structures. To briefly describe the inverter; It is a frequency converter that enables the air conditioner's compressors and pumps to operate at different frequencies, allowing the room to cool as much as it needs.

For example, in air conditioners without an inverter, the air conditioner always runs at full power, when the ambient temperature reaches the desired temperature, the air conditioner stops and continues to blow only air. When the environment warms up again, it works at full power again and in this operating principle, the power it draws from the mains is constant while the air conditioner is running. In inverter air conditioners, as the air in the environment gets colder, that is, as the temperature of the environment approaches the target temperature we want, inverter air conditioners continue to operate with less capacity and draw less power. Therefore, inverter technology is a very important parameter in terms of energy saving.

With good inverter technology, an air conditioner can consume approximately 10% of its normal power. This means; The electricity consumption of a 1000W air conditioner can be as low as 100W if the cooling need of the environment is low.

2. Air Conditioner Size and Quantity

In addition to the fact that the model of the air conditioner is important for energy saving, the correct size is also an important contributing factor. Air conditioner size depends on two main factors;

  • Room area that needs to cool.
  • The number of people who will normally be in the room.

If the air conditioner is not the right size, it may be too big or too small for the room. If it is too small and cannot cool your room, it will have to work harder, so it will consume more energy. Of course, a larger air conditioner will still consume more energy.

Air Conditioning Capacity Calculation / BTU Calculation

Air conditioner capacity calculation or in other words air conditioner BTU calculation If we give an example for those who say how to do it; If you divide the room square meter by 2,2 and multiply by 1000, you can find the approximate cooling requirement of the room.

22,46/2,2 *1000 = 10209 btu/h ie approx. 12000 btu/h capacity It is sufficient.

According to the practical air conditioner calculation, which is a little more technical:

The m2 of the room is multiplied by the zone coefficient, 600 Btu/h per person is added to the number of people. If the lighting power is over 500W, 1 btu/h is added for every 3,412W. Used when calculating air conditioner btu The region coefficients are:

  • Mediterranean:445
  • Eastern Anatolia: 308
  • Aegean: 423
  • Southeast Anatolia: 462
  • Central Anatolia: 346
  • Black Sea: 385
  • Marmara: 385

Assuming you live in the Aegean, air conditioner calculation;

22,46 x 423 = 9500 Btu/h

For 4 people = 4 x 600 = 2400 Btu/h

We do not make any additions by not thinking that your lighting is over 500W.

9500 + 2400 = 11900 Btu/h ie approx. 12000 Btu/h is sufficient. By purchasing an air conditioner with this BTU value, it is possible to air-condition your space efficiently.

3. Filter Cleaning

One of the most important factors that reduces the operating efficiency of air conditioners over time is filter cleaning. Filters of air conditioners should be cleaned at regular intervals. To clean the air conditioner filter; By opening the front panel of the air conditioner, you can remove the filters and use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust or debris. If there is too much dust in the filter, you can leave the filter in soapy water for about 30 minutes and then rinse it off. After rinsing the filter and drying it in a well-ventilated place, you can reinstall the filter.

4. How often and how long the air conditioner works

Do not set too low temperature when operating your air conditioner in cooling mode. The air conditioner spends the most energy when reaching the target temperature. Each degree you lower will increase the electricity consumption of the air conditioner by 10%. Therefore, making dramatic changes in the temperature of the air conditioner, say from 24 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius, will consume a lot of energy. It can be tempting to reduce the temperature too much on hot summer days, but this is a wrong behavior for our health and energy saving. Choose the highest temperature you are comfortable with. This temperature is generally around 24-26°C in Turkey conditions.

However, do not keep the blowing speed of your air conditioner higher than necessary, and do not use curtains, furniture, etc. to prevent the air flow in front of the indoor unit of your air conditioner. Be careful not to close it.

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