Mucilage Influencing Marmara (Sea Saliva)

what is mucilage

What is mucilage?

Mucilage is a sticky and slimy substance in the form of a thick layer that adversely affects human health as well as visual pollution in the sea as a result of the proliferation of various microorganisms, especially protists and many plants.

Why Does Mucilage Happen?

Mucilage, also known as sea saliva, endanger the lives of many sea creatures after it was seen in 2021 and still continues. Many reasons can be counted among the main causes of this annoying condition and the factors affecting it. Human is the first among the factors that cause mucilage. Reckless use of our seas, throwing many wastes into the sea, global climate crises, etc. factors…

Many of our waste materials, which arise as a result of human consumption and production, are directly or indirectly mixed into the seas. Unfortunately, as a result of these, marine pollution, deterioration of the marine ecosystem and various economic problems cannot be prevented. As another reason are climate changes. These climate changes global warming and global cooling.

Climate changes can occur from gases released into nature without considering the environment. As a result of global warming, mucilage occurs in Marmara. This situation, which endanger the lives of creatures living in the sea, also negatively affects fishing activities. In this case, the decrease in fishing activities, which is common in our country, deeply shakes the country's economy.

Harms of mucilage

Sea slobber can also be seen in calm seas from time to time. If we look at the seas in our country, the Sea of ​​​​Marmara can be called a stagnant sea. Sea saliva can occur at different times from the past to the present. But sea saliva is scaled to certain levels. Determining how many meters thick it is from the sea surface to the bottom of the sea gives us certain results in terms of scaling.

This situation, which occurred in the past, did not cause serious dangers and disappeared spontaneously without the need for human power, with the change of seasons, the arrival of the winter season and the decrease in stagnation in the sea. But the current situation shows that mucilage is very important. It reveals that this situation is no longer due to seasonally sourced stagnant waters, but due to human factors. It affects our health and living things more than usual.

Mucilage Solution

In order to remove sea saliva, it is necessary to carry out the necessary surface cleaning on the sea surface and to control the enterprises that discharge various wastes to the sea. With the seasonal transitions that will follow this, that is, if the stagnant water is replaced by water with more active circulation, mucilage can be prevented.

As a result, in order to prevent sea saliva, which is a natural phenomenon, in order to prevent the negative consequences that may occur from sea saliva, first of all, in the name of the health of all people, in order to leave a clean and livable nature for future generations, and taking into account the health of living things other than humans, everyone should take a step and fulfill their responsibilities. has to.

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