Orange Juice Vending Machine That Turns Orange Peels Into Glasses

feel the peel


In order to avoid disposable plastic or cardboard cups, an orange juice vending machine was developed that combines sustainability and innovative approach.

international design firm Carlo Ratti Associatiorange peels used in making orange juice bioplastic tumbler “Feel the Peel” He designed an orange juice vending machine.

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Feel The Peel, the technology that obtains packaging from waste, dries the peels of squeezed oranges and turns them into filament sticks for 3D printing. The 3D printer in the vending machine prints the filaments as cups. Then, he offers the juice of the oranges he squeezes in glasses made from this bioplastic.

feel the peel

global energy company Eni The prototype juicer designed in collaboration with us is a 2,74-metre orange juicer with a large dome. Its dome consists of circular shelves that hold 1.500 oranges together.

At the base of the machine, there is a 3D printer to print the glasses. The peels of the squeezed oranges are collected in a small warehouse located at the bottom of the machine.


Once the freshly squeezed juice is ordered, the innovative machine starts to work. It dries the husks, grinds them and mixes them with polylactic acid to form bioplastics. It then heats and melts this mixture and sends it as filament to an internal 3D printer. The printer then prints the orange juice glasses. Carlo Ratti Associati predicts that they will continue to develop this technology and in the future they will be able to produce textiles from orange peel.

Innovative prototype, even the simplest, everyday behaviors in our lives are cyclical, zero waste A study showing that it can be a part of the economy.

Feel the peel

Carlo Ratti, founder of the company, said, “The principle of circularity is a must for today's products. In this collaborative project with Eni, we tried to demonstrate circularity in a very concrete way by developing a machine that helps us understand how we can use oranges better.” said.


The Feel the Peel orange juice vending machine was unveiled at an event in Rimini, Italy this summer, as well as installed at the Singularity University Summit in Milan on October 8 and 9, 2019, and attracted great interest from users.

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