Plastic Waste is Transformed into Urban Furniture

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Providing service on 3D design in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The New Raw design company plastic wasteHe signed a study that has not been applied before for the re-evaluation of the Based on this study plastic wasteIt has been transformed into benches produced almost all over the streets of Rotterdam.

plastic benches

In this way, it is possible to easily state that such an application has been started in order to be used by people for living without being waste.

On the other hand, based on this application, it should be noted that when plastic wastes turned into 3D urban furniture are taken into account, it really comes across with its extraordinary features.

Upcycling Technology is Used

The New Raw design studio, which is the source of this project “Print Your City – Print Your City” says that they are about to develop this type of urban furniture project in other countries with the slogan.

He says that these benches, which are completely their own design on the streets of Rotterdam, can be used by people to sit and rest comfortably. %one hundred recyclable Of course, the ergonomic design that balances the body weight with this urban furniture, which has been produced as a

recycled plastic

Features of Benches

These benches, prepared by the design studio, are designed with a weight of 50 kilograms and a width of 85 cm. %100 recycleli These urban furniture, designed as These extraordinary features are considered to be the most important feature that makes it preferred in all respects.

Besides, these xxx benches in question 3D modeling since it is based on recycleIt also has a product feature.

This project, which was designed as a first in the world, Rotterdam after city Amsterdam It is aimed to become more widespread in the city. Average per person in Amsterdam 23 kg plastic waste produces. Based on this, a bench is printed in three dimensions from the plastic waste produced by both Amsterdam residents in a year.

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