Solar Powered Products

solar powered products
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As the demand for solar-powered products increases and awareness on this issue increases, manufacturers are working to produce more solar-powered products. Although certain products come to mind first when it comes to solar energy products, the product range is expanding day by day in order to make it easier for everyone to choose clean, sustainable energy sources.

Moreover, the prices of these products have decreased by half compared to 10 years ago. Unlike fossil fuels, why not use solar energy, which is a cleaner and more sustainable type of energy that does not mix with our almost endless oceans and seas and does not pollute our air, in our homes or for our daily needs.

For all these reasons, we have compiled the most preferred solar powered products for you.

Solar Powered Products

Solar Lamp

solar lamp


Solar powered lamps are very useful lighting for your garden, corridor, porch, patio. With these lamps that emit bright light with LED lights, you can both save energy and contribute to the protection of the environment. It is very easy to mount the product on the wall, trees, metal and glass and for further savings, motion sensors are also available.

Solar Powered Decorative Lamp


solar lamp

solar lamp


Solar powered decorative lamps are ideal for illuminating your garden or terrace, decorating for Christmas or special occasions.

There are many different numbers, colors and shapes available for these solar lamps that work with solar energy.

The best thing about solar powered lamps is that you don't have to run an extension cord from the house for electricity. This way, there is no danger of small children tripping over or being accidentally shocked.

You can set solar-powered lights to turn on automatically when it gets dark and even have them flash. After charging for a full day (14 hours or more), it will give about 8 hours of light. So when the party is over it will automatically turn off and recharge the next day ready for the next night.

Solar powered garden LED lights contain a nail-mounted solar panel that you can place directly on the ground. Even in rain or snowstorms, the weatherproof solar panel collects energy and prepares to turn on the lights at dusk.

Solar powered lamps make a great addition to any decor or lighting scheme in and around your home.

Solar Powered Powerbank

solar powered power bank

Solar Powered Powerbank


Solar powered powerbank is a must have product in your bag. Even seeing your phone charging with the energy it receives from the sun while you are outside is another reason for pleasure. Clean energy systems should be preferred not only for the need but also for the protection of the environment.

Use the sun to charge your phone! The solar powered powerbank also charges your tablets, iPads, GoPro, eBook and GPS – anything that uses a USB charger. When it comes to solar powered products, solar solar chargers are considered one of the best. Here are some of the reasons:

Long Flights – If you're on a long trip and want to use your tablet, iPad or phone (in airplane mode, of course) while traveling, a solar powerbank is the perfect way to make sure you're not running out of energy. You can put it near the window and let it convert the sun into electricity in a sustainable way. Your device will be ready to use for days at a time.

Emergency Use – Consider situations where snow, hail, rain, fallen trees, and car accidents all take power away. The fact that the solar charger is always a way to keep in touch while keeping your cell phone charged means you can rest comfortably even in the worst storm.

Camping, Hiking and Other Outdoor Activities – The only thing worse than your GoPro not working is your phone and GPS powering out as well. Most solar-powered phone chargers have two USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at once.

For added benefits, you can procure a solar-powered charger with a built-in flashlight. ⇒ Buy

If you spend time outdoors, enjoy traveling, or live in an area with frequent power cuts, solar power is extremely useful with a solar power bank.

Solar Charger

mobile solar energy


Solar powered portable solar charger is a portable charging panel that can charge all mobile devices charging via usb by using solar energy. With the mobile solar charger, you can charge all your mobile devices that are charged via the USB port.

How to use portable solar charger?

After placing the solar charger at the right angle on a flat surface to get maximum efficiency, you can start charging your mobile device with your own USB charging cable. The charging speed of solar chargers may vary depending on the strength of sunlight and the angle you place the panel.

Will solar powered portable solar charger damage my phone?

It is quite safe to charge your mobile devices with solar chargers. Some mobile solar chargers also allow you to charge two devices at the same time.

Solar Projector

solar powered projector


Even though a solar powered projector is used especially for camping and garden lighting, it is a product that should be at hand under all circumstances. Solar floodlights or solar flashlights are a great option for emergencies and power outages. You will enjoy keeping up with the unique cycle of nature, which will end the use of batteries with solar powered projectors.

Solar powered projectors also include a USB multi-cell phone charging cable, allowing you to charge your mobile phone.

Solar Powered Clock

solar powered clock


Your favorite watch probably uses a small battery to keep it running throughout the day. But what happens when that battery dies? You have to go out, buy another one, replace it, and throw away the battery, producing more waste.

The revolutionary solar-powered watches that you can charge while you wear them run entirely on solar power thanks to small solar panels on them, thus reducing battery waste and providing a more convenient watch experience for you – not to mention the compliments you'll get for owning a solar-powered watch!

Solar Powered Camera

solar powered camera


With solar cameras, solar energy can help protect your home. The fully wireless solar security camera is built to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and is waterproof. Network wireless provides uninterrupted and fast image transfer over Wifi.

Thanks to the motion sensor, the solar camera has the ability to take pictures and send the captured pictures to the e-mail address you specify when motion is detected. The solar powered camera also offers remote viewing and control on different platforms.

While the solar-powered security camera offers accurate colors and high quality night vision with its IR Cut filter, it also provides the opportunity to send sound and listen to the environment where the IP Camera is located.

Solar Powered Bag

solar powered bag


Solar powered bags are essentially portable solar panels and provide an interesting way to power your gadgets while you're hiking in the woods, on a plane on your travels, or waiting for class to start at school.

The outer panel of the solar powered bags has an array of solar cells that give you the ability to charge or power a variety of devices. This versatility makes it one of the most innovative solar powered products designed for everyday use.

USB Charging – Charge your Smartphones, GPS Systems, external battery packs, MP3 Players, eReader, Bluetooth Speakers or GoPros. Some models charge up to 6 devices at a time. The charge capacity can be as high as one extra charge for every four hours of sunlight in the power cells.

With the solar powered case, a smartphone can be charged in about 2,5 hours under full sunlight.
To achieve high efficiency, the solar bag should not be used behind glass or sun blocking objects.
Powerbanks can also be charged with the solar powered case.

Next time you go camping, hiking, on the plane, to school or work, grab a solar powered backpack to reduce your carbon footprint and take advantage of the sunshine.

Solar Powered Fan

solar powered fan


The solar powered fan offers you a great environmental solution to prevent your car from scorching during the summer months with its air purification feature. With the air circulation apparatus, save the fuel increase arising from the use of air conditioners. Especially in hot summer months, the inside of your car almost burns under the sun when it is parked. With the solar powered fan, you will no longer feel like you are in an oven when you get into your car in scorching heat!

The solar powered fan transfers the hot air inside the vehicle and cleans the air. Riding a car in the scorching heat of summer is no longer a torture with this wonderful product. The solar fan, which does not need any cables or batteries, works only with solar energy. In this way, you will now be able to safely leave your pets in your vehicles.

Solar powered fan is compatible with windows of all vehicles. It also helps to eliminate cigarette odors.

Solar powered fan converts solar energy into electrical energy with conversion chip. It cools the interior of the vehicle by providing the rotation of the fan. It doesn't just blow cold air. It refreshes the air inside the vehicle with the air it takes from outside and thus prevents evaporation that may occur inside the vehicle. The cooling fan is within 1-2 km after detecting the solar energy. then it will start blowing cold air.

Share the healthy travel environment with your family thanks to the solar powered fan.

Ways to Use Solar Energy in Your Daily Life

You may not have equipped your entire home with solar energy yet. These days you can install a solar ceiling fan, water heater or even a solar water purifier. It looks like it will soon be possible for you to drive a solar powered car as well.

The important thing is that those who are energy conscious take advantage of every opportunity to use solar products to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. There is a wide variety of solar powered products available today, and many more to come in the near future thanks to the growing solar industry.

Whether you're using a solar phone charger or decorating the garden with solar powered lights, you make the difference. Whether you're hiking, camping, traveling or going to school, try a solar powered backpack and enjoy the free energy it provides.

Solar energy is the best clean source of electricity. Solar-powered devices today are eco-friendly, innovative and very fun – and there's no doubt that many more will be launched soon.

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