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You are planning to establish a zero-waste system or you have decided to collect your packaging waste separately at the source, so the recycling bin (zero waste bin) your need was born.

Before you buy a recycle bin, By the Regulation on Control of Packaging Wastes It is useful to pay attention to some features that should be found in these boxes.

What Color Should Recycle Bins Be? 

According to the Packaging Waste Control Regulation, collection equipment to be used for the separate collection of packaging waste, namely recycling boxes or recycling bags, cages, or containers blue colored It happens.

In other words, if you plan to collect all your packaging in one place, your equipment should be blue.

If your packaging waste is small by volume, choosing a single recycling bin is the most logical option. Of these materials, it will be sufficient to collect only the glass in a green or white piggy bank.

Since the municipality will collect all materials except glass in a single container when it comes with the collection vehicle, the fact that you have collected it separately will only be valid for visual and perception purposes or for high volumes as we have just mentioned.

zero waste bin

In the collection equipment (recycling boxes) to be used in case the packaging wastes are collected separately according to the material types green and/or white for glass, blue for paper, yellow for plastic, gray for metal color is used.

recycle binrecycling bins

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To be used for recyclable wastes within the zero waste system zero waste bins in Zero Waste Regulation The same color category applies.

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Other Features to Have in Recycle Bins

Packaging wastes to be collected separately on the piggy bank, container, indoor box, bag and similar separate collection equipment (recycling boxes or zero waste boxes) are clearly indicated in shape and text.

Packaging wastes are transported in closed vehicles in a way that prevents negative effects such as appearance, odor, dust, leakage and similar effects.

What is the Scope of the Recycle Bin Placement Obligation of the Municipalities?

Having the capacity to meet the amount of waste generated for the accumulation of packaging waste in the collection system established by the municipalities within the scope of the packaging waste management plan; To a population of 400.000 and above At least one accumulation equipment per hundred residences or at least one accumulation equipment every 400 meters in municipalities with

To the population between 100.000-400.000 At least one collection equipment for every one hundred and fifty residences or at least one storage equipment for every 500 meters in municipalities with

population of 100.000 and below On the other hand, at least one accumulation equipment is placed in every two hundred residences or at least one accumulation equipment in every 600 meters.

It is ensured that packaging waste collection equipment is placed in places within the management system of municipalities, especially in places where packaging waste is concentrated, such as public institutions and organizations, hotels, restaurants, educational institutions, parks, gardens, sports complexes, terminals.

For this reason, if you meet these criteria, you can request a recycling bin by calling your municipality.recycle bin

Zero Waste Recycling Set of 4


Packing waste collection equipment (recycle bins/zero waste bins) is placed by the site administrations in the sites of XNUMX residences or more.

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